UA Tobacco-Free Policy Starts Monday

UA Tobacco-Free Policy Starts Monday

By University Relations - Communications
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The UA's Smoking and Tobacco Policy takes effect on the first day of classes.
The UA's Smoking and Tobacco Policy takes effect on the first day of classes.

As students and faculty return to the UA on Monday, they will be returning to a newly smoke- and tobacco-free campus.

The UA has issued a revised version of its new Smoking and Tobacco Policy, which takes effect on the first day of classes.

Under the policy, electronic cigarettes are permitted for use on UA campuses except in University buildings, structures, athletic facilities or vehicles. In addition, the new language clarifies that the policy doesn't apply to private vehicles.

The policy can be viewed here (PDF). A frequently asked questions page about the policy is available here.

Previous versions of the policy banned the use of electronic cigarettes, but the decision to alter the stipulation was made based on feedback provided during a public comment period, according to policy co-sponsors Allison Vaillancourt, UA vice president for human resources and institutional effectiveness, and Melissa Vito, senior vice president of student affairs and enrollment management.

"We received significant and conflicting feedback regarding e-cigarettes during the public comment period," Vaillancourt said. "Given this, we decided to revise the policy. We are in the process of forming a team of UA researchers to review current and emerging research on e-cigarettes, and their recommendations may lead to additional policy revisions."

The UA's policy prohibits the use of tobacco or nicotine products, including cigarettes, pipes, cigars and all types of smokeless tobacco, on University campuses and in University-owned vehicles.

For those looking to quit smoking, the UA offers several resources:

  • The Arizona Smoker's Helpline provides free telephone-based coaching services to help smokers stay on track when quitting. Services are available in both English and Spanish, and most coaches are former tobacco users, so they can offer advice that's worked first-hand.
  • The Department of Family and Community Medicine's Quit & Win! Tobacco Free Living Program is a personalized, medically supervised program to help smokers and other tobacco users quit.
  • The Campus Health Pharmacy carries a number of tobacco cessation aids.
  • The UA Medical Center's Cost of Smoking Calculator can help tobacco users understand how quitting could help them save thousands of dollars every year.

For more information about the policy, visit

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