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Dinner to Honor the Service of Retiring Employees

About 270 employees heading into retirement will be celebrated tonight at a dinner hosted by the Division of Human Resources. The keynote speaker will be Charles "Chuck" Albanese, former dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, who will talk about his life after the UA and how he's pursuing his passion for painting during retirement.

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Mars in Full Color

Chock-full of stunning images taken with the most powerful camera ever sent to another planet and weighing in at nearly 8 pounds, "Mars: The Pristine Beauty of the Red Planet" features about 200 carefully selected photographs taken by the UA-led HiRISE project, which has been orbiting the planet since 2006. The book was just published by the University of Arizona Press.

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LiveSafe App Seeks to Crowdsource Campus Safety Information

The smartphone app can be used to anonymously report crimes or suspicious activity on campus, giving law enforcement officials real-time information. It also has a feature called SafeWalk, which allows students and employees who find themselves on campus after dark to share their location and destination with a friend or colleague.

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Above and Beyond: Employees to be Recognized With Awards for Excellence

There are employees all over the University who are willing to go the extra mile to do their jobs, and to help their colleagues. Some of these employees will be recognized Friday at the annual UA Awards for Excellence ceremony, sponsored by the Classified Staff Council, the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council and the President's Cabinet.

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English Professor Considers UA Home After 50 Years of Service

Half a century ago, Charles Scruggs moved from Delaware to Arizona after accepting a job to teach at the UA. Despite the heat that welcomed him, he fell in love with the Southwest and made Tucson his home. "I feel lucky," Scruggs says. "Not only by coming here but being able to get a good job and being able to teach as long as I have." Tomorrow, he and 993 other employees will be recognized at the UA's annual Service Awards ceremony for their milestone work anniversaries.

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New UA Office Centralizes Services for Current, Prospective Transfer Students

Services for current and prospective transfer students have been centralized with the creation of the Office of Transfer Credit and Articulation. "As a former transfer student myself, I know how hard it is for students to determine which credits are transferrable, the time to complete a degree, and the cost of degree options," says the office's senior director, Nicole Kontak. "With the creation of this office, we're empowering students because they'll have answers to these questions before they even apply."

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Faculty/Staff Email Migrations Will Begin Soon

Migration of individual accounts to the University's new cloud-based email and calendaring service, Microsoft's Office 365, begins this month. Faculty and staff will receive a notice when the process to copy their mailbox begins, and when it has been completed. Access to email and calendar services will continue without disruption during the migrations. Once users have moved to the new system, they'll enjoy a significant increase in mailbox size, online storage space and access to online and downloadable Office software.

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User Feedback Helps Shape Redesign of UA Mobile App

Using feedback solicited via a survey, the Arizona Mobile app has been redesigned to improve its look, speed and functionality. "We heard that one of the biggest areas for improvement with the app was to make it faster," says Ami Buczek, principal applications systems analyst at UITS. "By breaking it up, we improved the design and functionality."

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