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Guest Column: UA Press Celebrates 60 Years of Scholarship

UA Press Director Kathryn Conrad reflects on the press's 60 years of publishing wide-ranging scholarship and documenting the stories of Tucson and Southern Arizona. "Our books have been part of national conversations taking place in communities and classrooms on topics ranging from immigration to water resources to the possibility of life on other planets," Conrad writes in this guest column.

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During Cybersecurity Month, Own IT, Secure IT, Protect IT

Cybersecurity might sound like a page out of a science fiction novel. But in fact, staying secure in our everyday online activity is part of life in the modern world. In this guest column, Rhonda Royse with the Information Security Office gives tips for spotting phishers and keeping mobile devices safe.

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Guest Column: The Making of the 'Moon' Exhibit

Molly Stothert-Maurer, curator of the "Moon" exhibit at Special Collections, tells the story behind the exhibit in this guest column. The exhibit is "the only place to begin a journey into the history of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and its prominent role in lunar science," she writes.

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After Daughter's First Year, Dean is Grateful for the 'Little Things'

Kasey Urquidez, vice president for enrollment management and dean of undergraduate admissions, reflects on her daughter's freshman year at the UA. "The UA offered her everything we market in our recruiting messages and I was able to see firsthand that we are making good on our promises," she writes in this guest column.

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New Information Security Awareness Training Coming

In this guest column, Chief Information Officer Barry Brummund writes about how UA information is kept secure, including efforts to require two-factor authentication for all employees and students. The UA also has developed 10 new programs related to information security, and plans to launch an improved information security awareness training program for all employees soon. "October may be the month when cybersecurity is most visible, but it's a priority for the University year-round," according to Brummund.

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Field Notes: Air Pollution, Clouds, Monsoons, and Our Inspiring Experience in Manila

A research team from the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering traveled to the Philippines to investigate the nature of particulate pollution and how it affects public health and monsoon activity in Southeast Asia. "A series of text messages at 1 a.m. confirmed that our whole team was awake and ready to go," the group wrote. "We piled into a van with some of our new Filipino colleagues and began the 11-hour journey to visit one of the most important global landmarks in the history of aerosol pollution: Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines." Find out what they learned from the trek in this Field Notes guest column.

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Picking the UA: Reflections From a Dean and Her Freshman Daughter

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Kasey Urquidez and her daughter Maricela reflect on their college search in this guest column. "I always knew Arizona was a great option. But when your parents know all your teachers and principals in K-12 personally, your dad teaches at your high school, and your mom is dean of undergraduate admissions at the UA, you think you should move away for college," Maricela writes. But during her search, "I learned the University of Arizona had the academic program I was interested in and all the engagement opportunities I was seeking."

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Field Notes: Takeaways From Our Summer Studying Cows in Caves

Dieter and Netzin Steklis, professors in the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences, share the most interesting findings from their summer studying animal illustrations in European caves. Among the takeaways: Prehistoric artists didn't paint their food, they didn't use live models, and they never painted themselves.

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Keeping Your UA Information Secure

The UA has made significant improvements in information security, and more are on the way. In this guest column, CIO Barry Brummund gives an overview of recent changes, and a preview of what's next. "Being good stewards of your personal data, as well as University systems, is something that we take very seriously at the University of Arizona," he writes.

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