Fighting Dry Mouth in Cancer Survivors While Mentoring the Next Generation of Scientists

Professor of nutritional sciences Kirsten Limesand found an unlikely research niche studying dry mouth. She also discovered a passion for training new scientists. "Hands down, the most rewarding aspect of my career is training students," Limesand says. "I prioritize hiring graduate students. It's like working with a piece of clay – you help start the molding process and help them move down that path."

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First-Generation Student, Now SNRE Prof, Found His Niche at the UA – Twice

José R. Soto was well into his senior year at Nogales High School before he started considering what he wanted to do with his life. He found his calling while attending the UA as a first-generation college student. Last year, Soto returned to the UA to join the School of Natural Resources and the Environment faculty, and now spends his days analyzing the economic aspects of the intersection between humans and nature. "In academia, we sometimes call it the 'unicorn job,' because it's the job you'd most like to have," he says. "The University of Arizona was ideal for me; it was a place I really wanted to come back to."

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Black on Black on Black: OSIRIS-REx Graphic Designer Melds Science and Art in 'Stunning' Illustrations

Heather Roper, graphic designer for the OSIRIS-REx mission, translates science into art with illustrations that help nonscientists take part in the spacecraft's adventures on its way to Bennu. "Every project that comes across my desk is exciting, because I'm taking the technical details of the mission and turning them into something creative," Roper says. "Each project is a new challenge, and even though the subject is always the mission, I try to find new ways of rendering it."

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Database Created by UA Fellow Improves Veterans' Access to Health Care

A clinical informatics fellow at the College of Medicine — Phoenix used information technology to better address the medical needs of Arizona's veteran population. "Everything from the way we contact these patients to the logistics of where we park the unit is entirely data driven," Christopher Hollweg says. The results have been impressive, including a 250 percent increase in veterans showing up for immunizations.

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3 From UA Reflect on Peace Corps Service

To help mark Peace Corps Week, three UA employees spoke with LQP about their time serving abroad, and how it changed their lives. "It's a dose of humility," says Paul Wilson, University Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics. "It made me much more aware of culture, and cross-cultural opportunities and cross-cultural tensions. Those kinds of things stay with you forever."

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UAPD Officer Honored as 'Unsung Hero'

Lt. David Caballero, the first UAPD officer to receive the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation's Unsung Heroes award, talks about his career, his community engagement, and his neglected honey-do list.

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Preserving UA Photographs for Ages to Come

The UA Center for Creative Photography is one of a handful in the country with a full-time photograph conservator. Dana Hemmenway, who recently joined the UA, explains why preserving photographs is as much an art as it is a science.

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