Betsy Cantwell, New SVP for Research and Innovation, Hits the Ground Running

Betsy Cantwell is moving, visualizing and expanding research as the new senior vice president for research and innovation. One of her goals is to transform her office into a "fundamentally different organization." "We want to create an entrepreneurial mindset for faculty, students and staff so that everyone understands the UA is a place where the research we do becomes something," she says.

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Stage, Screen Vet Relishes New Role at ART

Hank Stratton has found success on Broadway and in Hollywood, but says the University of Arizona is where he is finally "firing on all cylinders." The artistic director for the Arizona Repertory Theatre has worked with legendary actors and performed iconic roles, but says his focus now is to help students have "at least the career I have had." "What I found about directing, which then led me into teaching, was how exciting it is to help young artists discover that they could do something that they didn't know they could do," Stratton says.

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Growing Veggies and Curiosity

Environmental educator Jessie Rack oversees the UA's Supporting Environmental Education and Communities program, bringing science to school gardens across Tucson. "The whole idea I try to get across is that everybody can be a scientist," Rack says. "My goal is to empower these kids so they can see a place for themselves in science, even if they don't end up in academic research. I want them to realize that it could be a possibility no matter who they are or where they came from."

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All the World's a Stage for Associate Professor and Playwright Patrick Baliani

Patrick Baliani wrote his first play in 1991 and has continued writing for the theater throughout his nearly 30-year teaching career at the UA. His original and adapted works have been performed in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Tucson, Phoenix, Prescott, Canada and soon – for the first time – at the UA. His plays often explore themes of "longing for home" – something he experienced when he moved to the United States from Rome at age 17.

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Professor Finds Balance Between Art and Medicine

Cynthia Standley, a founding faculty member at the College of Medicine – Phoenix, knew she wanted to be a scientist or an artist. What she became is a medical educator who incorporates art into her career. "Medical students are taught to recognize patterns using diagnostic algorithms, to think very critically, with an eye toward details," says Standley, director of the college's Program of Art in Medicine. "Art in Medicine expands on this and provides them with opportunities to think more openly. Instead of listening with an ear toward a preconceived conclusion, we encourage listening for understanding, looking for the details that should capture their attention."

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COM-P Physician Gives Students Hands-On Experience in Rural Health

Dr. Judith Hunt not only trains students in rural health, but also welcomes them into her home so they can experience the life of a small-town physician. Hunt is a clinical assistant professor of internal medicine and pediatrics in the College of Medicine – Phoenix and is site director for the college's Certificate of Distinction in Rural Health Professions Program in Payson. "The best part of rural medicine is the care of the community," Hunt says. "The children I care for in my practice are children I coached on swim team, and I was there when many of these patients were born."

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Fighting Dry Mouth in Cancer Survivors While Mentoring the Next Generation of Scientists

Professor of nutritional sciences Kirsten Limesand found an unlikely research niche studying dry mouth. She also discovered a passion for training new scientists. "Hands down, the most rewarding aspect of my career is training students," Limesand says. "I prioritize hiring graduate students. It's like working with a piece of clay – you help start the molding process and help them move down that path."

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First-Generation Student, Now SNRE Prof, Found His Niche at the UA – Twice

José R. Soto was well into his senior year at Nogales High School before he started considering what he wanted to do with his life. He found his calling while attending the UA as a first-generation college student. Last year, Soto returned to the UA to join the School of Natural Resources and the Environment faculty, and now spends his days analyzing the economic aspects of the intersection between humans and nature. "In academia, we sometimes call it the 'unicorn job,' because it's the job you'd most like to have," he says. "The University of Arizona was ideal for me; it was a place I really wanted to come back to."

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Black on Black on Black: OSIRIS-REx Graphic Designer Melds Science and Art in 'Stunning' Illustrations

Heather Roper, graphic designer for the OSIRIS-REx mission, translates science into art with illustrations that help nonscientists take part in the spacecraft's adventures on its way to Bennu. "Every project that comes across my desk is exciting, because I'm taking the technical details of the mission and turning them into something creative," Roper says. "Each project is a new challenge, and even though the subject is always the mission, I try to find new ways of rendering it."

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