3 From UA Reflect on Peace Corps Service

To help mark Peace Corps Week, three UA employees spoke with LQP about their time serving abroad, and how it changed their lives. "It's a dose of humility," says Paul Wilson, University Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics. "It made me much more aware of culture, and cross-cultural opportunities and cross-cultural tensions. Those kinds of things stay with you forever."

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UAPD Officer Honored as 'Unsung Hero'

Lt. David Caballero, the first UAPD officer to receive the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation's Unsung Heroes award, talks about his career, his community engagement, and his neglected honey-do list.

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Preserving UA Photographs for Ages to Come

The UA Center for Creative Photography is one of a handful in the country with a full-time photograph conservator. Dana Hemmenway, who recently joined the UA, explains why preserving photographs is as much an art as it is a science.

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UA Architect Aims to Build a Better World

Altaf Engineer, a new faculty member in the School of Architecture, co-founded Architects for Society, a nonprofit whose mission is to help disadvantaged communities through innovative architecture and design. One example is its award-winning Hex House.

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CAPLA's New Dean Sees 'Phenomenal Opportunity' at UA

Nancy Pollock-Ellwand has taught on three continents and personally visited some of the world's most beautiful buildings. The UA campus is among the places that have earned her admiration. "There is a real discipline applied to the architecture here," she says. "I see our campus as an oasis in the city."

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TV Producer Finds Calling as Medical Librarian

Changing careers from television news producer to librarian wasn't that big a leap for Kathleen Carlson, the associate and education librarian at the College of Medicine – Phoenix. "I am an information broker," she says. "I have a natural curiosity to understand why something is a particular way."

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Promoting the Role of Humanities in Compassionate Patient Care

Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, director of capstones and community faculty development at the College of Medicine – Phoenix, understands the vital role that humanities plays in compassionate patient care. Hartmark-Hill, a 2005 graduate of the College of Medicine – Tucson and founder of the Program for Narrative Medicine and Medical Humanities at COM-Phoenix, said the humanities also had an impact on her while she was in medical school.

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Getting to Know Athletics VP Dave Heeke

Dave Heeke, who grew up on the ice rinks of central Michigan, is now settling into a new, much warmer home in sunny Tucson. Heeke started as the UA vice president for athletics last month. As a former student-athlete and a parent of student-athletes, he is focused on having a strong, student-centered program that challenges students in athletics, academics and personal growth.

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Mike Proctor, VP for Global Initiatives, Retiring After 23 Years at UA

Mike Proctor – who has served as a de facto international ambassador for the UA during much of his 23-year career at the University – is retiring. As vice president for global initiatives, Proctor built and strengthened educational and research ties with partners in Latin America, the Persian Gulf region, China and Africa. "I admired and keep admiring his passion for international education and his support of the idea of building bridges of collaboration, understanding and tolerance between people and countries," says Francisco Marmolejo, higher education coordinator at the World Bank and a former colleague of Proctor's. "Mike is a true border citizen."

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