Faculty and Student Research on Reopening the University

Faculty and Student Research on Reopening the University

We are currently recruiting for a study focusing on the experiences of University of Arizona employees as the University plans to reopen for in-person instruction during the Fall semester of 2020. We are interested in how people are reacting to the reopening, their opinions about the University's decisions surrounding the reopening, their concerns about the coronavirus and how this is all affecting them at work and at home.

If you decide to take part in this study, the procedure is as follows: You will be asked to complete a 20-30 minute survey by July 30. If you complete that survey, you will then be sent a 20-minute survey on the first Monday of each month for 10 consecutive months (August 3 – May 3). Your participation will assist in contributing to research that will provide important insight into University of Arizona employees' work experiences tied to returning to an in-person work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For each of the 11 survey administrations, we will conduct a random drawing among the participants who complete the survey, and select 3 winners of a $100 gift card. You may win the $100 gift card more than once.

If you would like to participate, please click the link below to register and complete the first survey. Importantly, we want to stress that although we are using this University memo to recruit potential participants, we do not require that you use your University email address as the method of contact for the remainder of this study. Feel free to use another email address if you feel more comfortable doing so. If interested, please sign up as soon as possible!

You can sign up or find more information online.

Please contact Jerel Slaughter or Rebecca MacGowan with any questions or concerns about the study.

An Institutional Review Board responsible for human subjects research at The University of Arizona reviewed this research project and found it to be acceptable, according to applicable state and federal regulations and University policies designed to protect the rights and welfare of participants in research.

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