The grant information listed here is provided by Sponsored Projects Services, which is part of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research. If you have questions about a specific grant, please contact the researcher/unit listed for that grant. A list of UA colleges and departments can be found here.

Title Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Name
Expanding the Toolbox for Quantum Control of Atomic Qudits
Jessen,Poul S
College of Optical Sciences
National Science Foundation
Measuring the Star-Formation Efficiency of Galazies at z>1 with Sizes and SFRs from Hst Grism Spectroscopy
Weiner,Benjamin J
Steward Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute
Investigating the enigmatic ultraviolet 2175 a extinction feature and correlation with infrared aromatic/PAH emission in M101
Misselt,Karl A
Steward Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute
ID 22366: Identifying Alternatives functions of the Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (TERT)
Beilstein,Mark A
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Targeting Chemotherapy Resistance in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
Kendrick,Samantha Lynn
Lymphoma Research Foundation
The Development of Population-Specific Social Support Major for People with Serious Mental Illness
Disability Psychoeduc Studies
San Francisco State University
Analysis of Ecological Monitoring Data from Sonoran Desert Parks
Rosen,Philip C
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
National Park Service
Dissolution of NTO, DNAN and Insensitive Munitions Formulations and Their Fates in Soils
Dontsova,Katerina M
Soil Water Enviro Sci-Res
United States Army Corps of Engineers
OPUS: Understanding Ecosystem Processes in Response to Climate Variation in a Subalpine Forest
Monson,Russell K
Tree Ring Laboratory
National Science Foundation
FY12 DSCESU Program administration and coordination (UAZDS-383)
Hutchinson,Charles F
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
National Park Service
EPCOR Consulting
Thompson,Gary D
Agricultural Resource Econ-Res
EPCOR Water Arizona Incorporated
Tucson Desert Oasis Initiative
Jones III,John P
Social & Behavioral Sci Admin
Pima County, Arizona
Investigating the role of actin filament regulation as a potential mechanism of dilated cardiomyopathy
Henderson,Christine A
Cellular & Molecular Medicine
American Heart Association, Incorporated
Influence of local testosterone aromatization on angiotesin-induced vascular remodeling
COM Phx Basic Medical Sci
American Heart Association, Incorporated
Preservation of Spanish Colonial Resources Through International Cooperation and Partnerships, TICRAT Preservation Workshops 2013-2015
Jeffery,R Brooks
Drachman Institute
National Park Service
Near-IR Imaging of the Most Distant Spectroscopically-Confirmed Galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field
Steward Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute
Liability Risks Across Personalized Medicine Lifecycle-Marchant & Campos-Outcalt
Campos-Outcalt,Doug E
COM Phx Campus Administration
Arizona State University
Incorporating climate information and stakeholder engagement in groundwater resources planning and management
Megdal,Sharon B
Water Resources Rsch Ctr-Res
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Herschel Lensing Survey II: Completing the Herschel Legacy with the HST/MCT CLASH, SPIRE Snapshot Survey II: Using SPT/CODEX Massive Clusters as...
Steward Observatory
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Agricultural Literacy- School Garden Food Safety
Pastor,Monica K
Maricopa County Office
Arizona Department of Agriculture
Differential Hippocampal Vulnerability as a Mechanism for Depression in Multiple Sclerosis
Deciphering RNA based mechanisms of Neurodegeneration
Zarnescu,Daniela C
Molecular and Cellular Biology
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Arizona Center for Research and Outreach: Military REACH
Borden,Lynne M
Sch of Family & Consum Sci-Ext
United States Department of Agriculture
Dissertation Research: Do venation networks match plant form, function and evolution to climate?
Enquist,Brian J
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
National Science Foundation
Integrating biological control into management decisions: advancing the IPM continuum through research and implementation
Ellsworth,Peter C
Maricopa Agriculture Ctr-Res
United States Department of Agriculture
Host cell influences on the development of toxoplasmic encephalitis
Koshy,Anita A
BIO5 Institute
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Inhibition of Synaptogenesis Mitigates Late-Onset Post-Traumatic Morbidity in Rat
COM Phx Child Health
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH) for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
Raison,Charles L
The Depressive and Bipolar Disorder Alternative Treatment Fo
Galaxy Assembly at High Densities: HST Dissection of a Cluster at z=1.62
Willmer,Christopher N
Steward Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute
Collaborative Research: Coeur d'Alane Online Digital Resources
Fountain,Amy V
National Science Foundation


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