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Title Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Namesort descending
Dynamic Phase Imaging Interference 4D Microscope System
Rouse,Andrew R
Cancer Center Division
4D Technology Corporation
A...Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of IXMYELOCEL-T in Subjects with Critical Limb Ischemia and no Options for ...
Mills,Joseph L
Aastrom Biosciences, Incorporated
M11-652 A Randomized, open label, Multi-center Study to Evaluate the Antiviral Activity, Safety, and Pharmacokinetics, of ABT-450 with Ritonavir...
Boyer,Thomas D
Liver Research Institute
Abbott Laboratories
M10-897: Velparib and Whole Brain Radiation Therapy (WBRT) vs. Placebo and WBRT in subjects w/Brain Metastases from Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Radiation Oncology
Abbott Laboratories
A Multi-Center, Open-Label Extension Study to Examine the Safety and Tolerability of ACP-103 in the Treatment of Psychosis in Parkinson's Disease
Bose,Sudeshna C
Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated
Contract Research Agreement.
Sullivan,Matthew B
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Accelerate Diagnostics Incorporated
Pyrosequencing Analysis of Biofilm Communities
Pepper,Ian L
Soil Water Enviro Sci-Res
Access Business Group LLC/Alticor Incorporated
Illustrative Math Project Between IME, Achieve, and CGCS
Mccallum,William G
Achieve, Incorporated
Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education
Bassford,Tamsen L
Family and Community Medicine
Administration on Developmental Disabilities
Reproduce AYX1 Efficacy in the Spared Nerve Injury Model of Pain
Adynxx, Incorporated
Deep UV-STTR Phase I
College of Optical Sciences
Agiltron, Incorporated
Field Services Naranjo
Roth,Robert L
Maricopa Agriculture Ctr-Res
Agricultural Research Service
Leaf Lettuce Field Study
Sanchez,Charles A
Yuma Agriculture Center-Res
Agrinos AS (Canada)
Installation of a Zeiss Axiolmager-apotome and Axiovision Image Analysis System for Multiple-feature Reconstruction of Neural Circuitry
Strausfeld,Camilla M
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
DDDAMS-based Urban Surveillance and Crowd Control via UAV's and UGV's
Systems and Industrial Engr
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Equipment for Experiments on Filament-Assisted Remote Raman Spectroscopy in the Atmosphere
Polynkin,Pavel G
College of Optical Sciences
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Conference Funding to Support COFIL 2012 4th International Symposium on Filamentation
Moloney,Jerome V
College of Optical Sciences
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
(YIP)Robust Feedback Control of Reconfigurable Multi-agent Systems in Uncertain Adversarial Environments
Sanfelice,Ricardo G
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Packages Updateable 3D Display Systems Using Photorefractive Polymer Devices for 3D Near Real Time Telepresence Applications
Peyghambarian,Nasser N
College of Optical Sciences
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Computational Design Optimization Under Uncertainty of Systems with Nonlinear Aeroelastic Constraints
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Visible/NIR/SWIR Imaging Mueller Matrix Polarimeter
Tyo,J Scott
College of Optical Sciences
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Interference and Jamming Mitigation Satellite Communications Using Spectrum Sensing and Dynamic Frequency Hopping
Krunz,Marwan M
Electrical and Computer Engr
Air Force Research Laboratory
A Fundamental Study of Heat Transfer Phenomenon in Periodic Structures
Civil Engr and Engr Mechanics
Air Force Research Laboratory
Rendezvous Protocols and Dynamic Frequency Hopping Interference Design for Anti-Jamming Satellite Communication
Krunz,Marwan M
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
Air Force Research Laboratory
The Insect Brain Connectome-Analysis of the Descending Neurons
Strausfeld,Nicholas J
Air Force Research Laboratory
Protein Biomarkers for Invasive Asperigillosis Diagnostics
Wysocki,Vicki H
Chemistry & Biochemistry â?? Sci
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Schematic Eye Software
Schwiegerling,James T
College of Optical Sciences
Alcon Research, Ltd.
Effects of CNS Treatment on Antioxidant Level, Apoptosis and Cognitive Abilities in Childhood Leukemia
Moore,Ida M
College of Nursing
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation For Childhood Cancer
COPE in Parents of Children diagnosed with cancer
Peek,Gloanna J
College of Nursing
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation For Childhood Cancer
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Indigenous Graduate Partnership
Velez,Maria T
Graduate College Admin
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


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