Grants & Other Sponsored Projects


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Title Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Namesort descending
4-H Food Science Curriculum
McDonald,Daniel A
Pima County Office
Washington State University
NIR Goggle Device for Real-Time Image-Guided Surgery
College of Optical Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis
Regulation of Atrophy-Induced Progenitor Cells in the Gastric Corpus
Gallitano-Mendel,Amelia L
COM Phx Basic Medical Sci
Washington University in St. Louis
Transgenic Soybean Formula to Enhance Resection-Induced Intestinal Adaptation
Herman,Eliot M
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Washington University in St. Louis
Capsular Bag Measurement System
Schwiegerling,James T
College of Optical Sciences
WaveTech Vision Systems, Incorporated
Farmer to Farmer Aquaculture in Kenya, Bangladesh and Mexico
CALS International Programs
Weidemann Associates, Incorporated
Negotiating the Hierarchy of Languages in Ilocandia
Osborne,Dana M
School of Anthropology
Wenner Gren Foundation
Wadsworth Fellowship for Jose Raul Ortiz Vallejos
Ortiz,Jose Raul
School of Anthropology
Wenner Gren Foundation
An Archaeological History of Indian Buddhism
Fogelin,Lars E
School of Anthropology
Wenner Gren Foundation
Contesting Participatory Governance: Social Movements, Service Access, and Citizenship in Cape Town's Informal Settlements
Park,Thomas K
School of Anthropology
Wenner Gren Foundation
Environmental Knowledge and Governance in Ecuadorian Biodiversity Conservation
Silverstein,Brian E
School of Anthropology
Wenner Gren Foundation
Linking Brains and Brawn: Neurobiological Rewards, Cognition, and the Evolution of Endurance Running in Humans
Raichlen,David A
School of Anthropology
Wenner Gren Foundation
Dendrochronological Sourcing of Timbers from the Great Houses of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Swetnam,Thomas W
Tree Ring Laboratory
Western National Parks Association
The role of herbivory and competition in the dominance of a non-native grass
Chesson,Peter L
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Western National Parks Association
Effects of Buffelgrass on Habitat Use of Desert Tortoises
Steidl,Robert J
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
Western National Parks Association
Data Set Aquisition
Deluca Jr,Lawrence A
Dept of Emergency Medicine
Western Research Company, Incorporated
Influence of the Vibralung Device on Sputum Expectoration and Pulmonary Function in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis, Comparison to the "SmartVest"
Snyder,Eric M
Pharmacy Practice and Science
Westmed, Incorporated
Angelina Ballerina Promotion
Gibson,John H
AZ Public Media Admin Svcs
WNET Thirteen
2011 Career Enhancement Fellowship for Junior Faculty
Lopez Hoffman,Laura
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Double-Dummy Multicenter Trial to Assess Safety of Single-dose vs. Traditional Administration....
Wright State University
Role of Gap Junction in Blood Vessel Assembly
Burt,Janis M
Yale University
Role of TAM Receptor Signaling in Intestinal Mucosalhomeostasis
Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Yale University
Research for Solving False Positive of IMD, Phase 1 Simulation of Polarization Scatter of Particulates
Chipman,Russell A
College of Optical Sciences
Yamatake Corporation (Japan)
Michele Sleep Scoring Research Partnership Agreement
Arizona Respiratory Center
Younes Sleep Technologies (Canada)
Bright and Healthy Start Program: Evaluation and Technical Assistance
Drummond,Rebecca L
Health Promotion Sciences
Yuma County Public Health Services District
Zeus Septicemia (bacteremia, fungemia) Blood Culture Test/Analysis
Wolk,Donna M
Zeus Scientific, Incorporated
The role of hypothermia and coronary reperfusion in maximizing neurological intact survival after cardiac arrest
Kern,Karl B
Zoll Medical Corporation


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