Grants & Other Sponsored Projects


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Titlesort ascending Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Name
Zooarcheological Analysis of Faunal Collections from Canyon de Chelly NM held at the Western Archeological Conservation Center (UAZCP-291)
Arizona State Museum
National Park Service
Zeus Septicemia (bacteremia, fungemia) Blood Culture Test/Analysis
Wolk,Donna M
Zeus Scientific, Incorporated
Yuma/San Luis Rio Colorado Air Quality Awareness
Austin,Diane E
Bur of Applied Rsch in Anthro
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Yuma Lettuce Ice Forecast System
Brown,Paul W
Institute Atmospheric Physics
Arizona Department of Agriculture
Yuma Clapper Rail Surveys
Conway,Courtney J
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
CH2M Hill
Young Children in Families
Barnett,Melissa A
Sch of Family Consumer Sci-Res
Bowling Green State University
Yield, Quality and Economic Responses of Iceberg Lettuce to Variable Rate Sidedress N Applications
Nolte,Kurt D
Yuma Agriculture Center-Res
Arizona Iceberg Lettuce Research Council
Yeome Youth Health Conference of the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Community Project
Ryan,Jeanette Laurel
AHS Library
University of California, Los Angeles
Year 2 to Expand College Outreach to Tribes in Arizona (2012), College Access Challenge Grant
Begay,Karen F
Executive Ofc of the President
Governors Office of Education Innovation
X-Ray Column Density Towards the Low Mass X-Ray Binary 4U 1702-429
Steward Observatory
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Wupatki (WUPA) Zooarchaeological Analysis (WACC) (UAZCP-286)
Arizona State Museum
National Park Service
Wound EMR to Decrease Limb Amputations in Persons with Diabetes
Armstrong,David G
New York University
World War I in the Balkans and the Middle East: A Workshop for Secondary/Post-Secondary Educators
Adeli,Lisa M
Ctr for Middle Eastern Studies
Arizona Humanities Council
Workshop: Engineering Response to Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Sustainability (Mid-September 2010/ Washington, DC)
Schrader Jr,Glenn L
Engineering Administration
National Science Foundation
Workshop: 1st Southwest Workshop on Theory and Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems
Sanfelice,Ricardo G
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
National Science Foundation
Workload Intensity: NIH COG Chair Grant (U10CA098543)
Wittman,Brenda J
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Working Memory and Word Learning in Children with Typical Development and Language
Speech Language & Hearing Sci
Arizona State University
Workbook on Economic Evaluation for Optimal Healing Environments
Herman,Patricia M
HOPE Center
Samueli Institute
Women's Health Resources Dissemination Outreach Project
Ryan,Jeanette Laurel
AHS Library
ICF International, LLC
Women Advancing Arizona Mathematics (WAAM)
Finegold,Brie A
The Mathematical Association of America
Will Driscoil Funding Fall Semester- AY2011
Pepper,John W
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Texas A and M University
Will Climate Change Cause Large-Scale Extinction in Arizona's Sky Islands?
Meyer III,Wallace M
National Geographic Society
Wideband Microwave Random Sensor Array for Distributed HPM Detection and Monitoring
Tyo,J Scott
College of Optical Sciences
University of New Mexico
Whole-Genome Prediction of Type-2 Diabetes Susceptibility in Various Populations
Klimentidis,Yann C
BIO5 Institute
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Dise
Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH) for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
Raison,Charles L
The Depressive and Bipolar Disorder Alternative Treatment Fo
Wheelchair Sports Camp
Hartley,Michael T
Disability Psychoeduc Studies
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Wheat and Oilseed Phenotyping (Farms Services Agreement) White
Roth,Robert L
Maricopa Agriculture Ctr-Res
United States Department of Agriculture
What's the Buzz? Arizona 4-H Science Orientation Workshop
Peters,Curtis L
Pima County Office
National 4-H Council
Western Water Assessment
Meko,David M
Tree Ring Laboratory
University of Colorado
Western Regional Noyce Conference (WRNC)
Tomanek,Debra J
Molecular and Cellular Biology
California State University, Fresno Foundation


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