Grants & Other Sponsored Projects


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Title Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Name
Evaluation of AMG2850 in a preclinical model of migraine
Dussor,Gregory O
Program Income for FRS 3318500 (CERCLL)
Dupuy,Beatrice C
Interdis Graduate Prog Admin
Cash Donation-Miscellaneous
Detection of Radical and Reactive Species Formed in Wafer Cleaning Solutions Irradiated with Megasonic Waves
Materials Science & Engr
Semiconductor Research Corporation
GLM Backside CCD Processing
Lesser,Michael P
Steward Observatory
Semiconductor Technology Associates, Incorporated
Women Advancing Arizona Mathematics (WAAM)
Finegold,Brie A
The Mathematical Association of America
Cell-specific analysis of transcription and epigenomic status in PDAC
Galbraith,David W
Cellular & Molecular Medicine
National Cancer Institute
On Farm Evaluation of the Prevalence of Human Enteric Bacterial Pathogens During the Production of Melons in California and Arizona
Yuma County Office
University of California, Davis
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms that Drive Psyllid Vector-Liberibacter Interactions in the Transmission Pathway
Brown,Judith K
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Incorporated
Development of Stokes Polarimeter
Chipman,Russell A
College of Optical Sciences
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Incor
DDDAMS-based Urban Surveillance and Crowd Control via UAV's and UGV's
Systems and Industrial Engr
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Optimal Sensing, Resource Allocation, and Protocol Design for Real-time Communications in Dynamics Spectrum Access Networks
Krunz,Marwan M
Electrical and Computer Engr
Qatar University (Qatar)
CAREER: Adaptive Operational Coordination Methodology for Uncertainty Reduction in Product Life Cycle Reliability and Service Logistics
Systems and Industrial Engr
National Science Foundation
Planetary System Evolution in the Terrestrial Zone
Rieke,George H
Steward Observatory
NASA Headquarters
The Impact of LY2605541 Versus Insulin Glargine for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Advanced to Multiple Injection ... (The IMAGINE 4 Study)
Stump,Craig S
Lilly USA, LLC
Patient and Physician Survey for DAT Scan
Kuo,Phillip H
Cancer Center Division
General Electric Healthcare
Microstructural and crystal-chemical studies of presolar oxides
Zega,Thomas J
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
NASA Headquarters
(YIP)Robust Feedback Control of Reconfigurable Multi-agent Systems in Uncertain Adversarial Environments
Sanfelice,Ricardo G
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
A Multi-Center, Open-Label Extension Study to Examine the Safety and Tolerability of ACP-103 in the Treatment of Psychosis in Parkinson's Disease
Bose,Sudeshna C
Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated
Advanced Nursing Education Grants
Reel,Sally J
College of Nursing
Health Resources and Services Administration
Experimental Study of the Rayleigh-Taylor and Rightmyer-Meshkov Instabilities with Imposed Random Initial Perturbations
Jacobs,Jeffrey W
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC.
A Candidate Lensed Quasar at z=6.25
McGreer,Ian D
Steward Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute
EAGER: Solar Aware Smart Grid at Biosphere 2
Cronin,Alexander D
National Science Foundation
HoP REU Participants
Peyghambarian,Nasser N
College of Optical Sciences
University of Washington
Post Traumatic Sleep: An Individualized Indicator of Severity and Recovery
COM Phx Child Health
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Complete Negative Surveys for Eleven Parks (UAZCP-288)
Massman,Mackenzie A
Arizona State Museum
National Park Service
Developing a Computational System for the Dynamic Visualization and Sharing of Epigenomic Data from Plants
Lyons,Eric H
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
New Highly Reactive Monomers: Benzoquinoneketenes and Cyclopropenes
Hall Jr,Henry K
Chemistry & Biochemistry â?? Sci
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
A Two-Cohort, Open-Label, Multicenter Phase II Trial Assessing the Efficacy and Safety of Pertuzumab Given in Combination with Tratuzumab and Vinor...
Stopeck,Alison T
Cancer Center Division
Genetech, Incorporated
Kingsley,Jeffrey S
Steward Observatory
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Brazil)
...Aztreonam for Inhalation Solution (AZLI) in a Continuous Alternating Therapy (CAT) Regimen of Inhaled Antibiotics ...Subjects with Cystic Fibrosis
Daines,Cori L
Arizona Respiratory Center
Gilead Sciences, Incorporated


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