Grants & Other Sponsored Projects


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Title Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Name
Transcriptional Regulation of Vitamin D Receptor in Kidney (WAESO)
Chemistry & Biochemistry â?? Sci
Arizona State University
Neonatal Developmental Follow-up Clinic at the University of Arizona
Romer McGrath,Eileen F
Margaret Vicker Charitable Trust
Systems and Optimization Aspects of Smart Grid Challenges 2012; held, 11/15-17, 2012, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson
Systems and Industrial Engr
National Science Foundation
DUI Enforcement & Education
Sommerfeld,Robert J
University Police Department
Governor's Office of Highway Safety
Testing and Evaluation of Computer Software Simulations for Mine Emergency Preparedness
Poulton,Mary M
Lowell Institute for Min Res
United States Department of Labor
Application of Peridynamics to Analyze Fatigue Crack Grown in Aircraft Aluminum Alloys
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc
Connections and Impacts of Northwest Mexican Culture
Watson,James T
Arizona State Museum
Arizona State University
Developmental Screening
Martinez,Cathy L
Pinal County Office
Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board
Reducing Seclusion and Restraints through Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS)
Tomasa,Lynne T
Family and Community Medicine
Northern Arizona University
Parents As Teachers
Merk,Patricia A
Maricopa County Office
Tanner Community Development Corporation
Investor Education Innovation
Staten,Michael E
Sch of Family & Consum Sci-Ext
Maryland State Department of Education
Vocational Assessment Services - Pima County
Smith,David W
Arthritis Center-Research
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Regulation of Immune Tolerance to Melanoma
Hastings,Karen Taraszka
COM Phx Basic Medical Sci
Arizona Biomedical Research Commission
Pima County Cooperative Extension/General Funds
Warren,Peter L
Pima County Office
Pima County, Arizona
Managing risk for ranchers grazing public rangelands: A collaborative monitoring and training system
Tolleson,Douglas R
V-Bar-V Ranch-Ext
Washington State University
Family Resource Centers
Dixon,Darcy L
Santa Cruz County Office
Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board
Oral Health Services for First Smiles Matter
Hadley,Susan Monica Keating
Family and Community Medicine
Pima County Health Department
Center for High-Throughput Minimally-Invasive Radiation Biodosimetry
COM Phx NanoBioscience & Med
Columbia University
Jaguar Genetic Testing
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Design Study for Production of Band 2 Cartridges
Ziurys,Lucy M
Steward Observatory
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
GPU-based Solutions to Accelerate Video Encryption and Processing/Transcoding Speed
Electrical and Computer Engr
Futurewei Technologies, Incorporated
Roosevelt Early Childhood Family Resource Center
Merk,Patricia A
Maricopa County Office
Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board
A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Virtual Reality Support Group for Alzheimer's Caregivers
Banner Health System
Healthy Promises
Reeves,Jennifer J
Nutritional Sciences-Ext
Sunnyside Unified School District
Lesser,Michael P
Steward Observatory
Ball Aerospace Systems Division
Assesing Spectropolarimetry for Citrus Inspection
Tyo,J Scott
College of Optical Sciences
Sunkist Growers, Incorporated
GMT AO Calibration Source Preliminary Design Study
College of Optical Sciences
Giant Magellan Telescope Organization
Indigenous Health Resource Workforce IPA for Teshia Solomon
Solomon,Teshia G
Family and Community Medicine
National Cancer Institute
SpOT: Specification for Space Objects Tracking Adaptive Optics system
Steward Observatory
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Multiple Signaling Pathway Analyses in Prostate Cancer Xenografts to determine Drug Efficacy
Lau,Serrine S
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.


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