Grants & Other Sponsored Projects


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Title Principal Investigatorsort descending Unit Sponsor Name
Physiological Measures on People with Limited Motion of Shoulder, Before and After Reconnective Healing
Baldwin,Ann L
The Reconnection LLC
UofA, Department of Medicine, Gastroenterology Fellowship (Warner Chilcott)
Warner Chilcott
New Design of a Sensor for Ultrahigh Performance Spect Imaging
Barber,H Bradford
Medical Imaging
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Incorporated
Low Cost, High Performance SPECT Detectors
Barber,H Bradford
Medical Imaging
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Incorporated
High Resolution High Sensitivity Sensor for Radionuclide Imaging
Barber,H Bradford
Medical Imaging
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Incorporated
Teaching an Enhanced, Advanced, Customized, Hands-on, Technology Education Course (Teach Tec)
Barker,Gail P
Arizona Telemedicine Program
Arizona State University
Teaching an Enhanced, Advanced, Customized Hands-on Technology Education Course (Teach-Tech)
Barker,Gail P
Arizona Telemedicine Program
Arizona State University
Multi-modal Knowledge Acquisition from Documents (STTR COLLAB AGR)
Barnard,Jacobus J
Computer Science
Objectvideo, Incorporated
Young Children in Families
Barnett,Melissa A
Sch of Family Consumer Sci-Res
Bowling Green State University
Multi-Effect Distillation (MED) Solar Desalination Research Pilot Demonstration Project
Barnhart,Ardeth M
Chemical & Environmental Engr
Bureau of Reclamation
Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound of Rabbit Tendon
Barton,Jennifer K
Orthopedic Surgery
Guided Therapy Systems
Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education
Bassford,Tamsen L
Family and Community Medicine
Administration on Developmental Disabilities
Engineering access: an online education program in partnership with the Intel Corporation
Baygents,James C
Chemical & Environmental Engr
Intel Corporation
Online Education Project 2011-2012 (OEP)
Baygents,James C
Engineering Administration
Intel Corporation
Sonia Kovalevsky Day
Bayly,Bruce J
Association for Women in Mathematics
EFRI-RESIN Workshop on Infrastructure Sustainability, Resilience, and Robustness, January 13-14, 2011, Tucson, Arizona
Systems and Industrial Engr
National Science Foundation
Pesticide Sampling of Farmworker's Homes in Yuma, AZ: Implications for Interventions to Reduce Exposures
Community Environment & Policy
University of California, Los Angeles
Buffelgrass Science Workshop
Bean,Travis M
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
Bureau of Land Management
Facilitation of Regional Coordinated Buffelgrass Management
Bean,Travis M
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Ext
Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center
Preliminary Evaluation of Pyricularia grisea as a Potential Biocontrol for Invasive Buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona
Bean,Travis M
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
United States Forest Service
Coordination of Buffelgrass mapping, control, monitoring, and outreach in the periphery of Ironwood Forest National Monument
Bean,Travis M
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center
Tracing the Distribution of Gas and Galaxies Using Three Closely-Spaced Background QSOS
Steward Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute
Mental Health Court: Demographic, Life Cycle and Case Flow Study
Beck,Connie J A
Arizona Psychological Foundation
Southwest Local Algebra Meeting 2013
Beck,Kristen A
National Science Foundation
Year 2 to Expand College Outreach to Tribes in Arizona (2012), College Access Challenge Grant
Begay,Karen F
Executive Ofc of the President
Governors Office of Education Innovation
Interagency Service Agreement #XQXXXX between the Govenor's Office for Children, Youth and Families and the ABOR for and on behalf of UA
Begay,Karen F
President's Office
Governor's Office for Children Youth and Families
ID 22366: Identifying Alternatives functions of the Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (TERT)
Beilstein,Mark A
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
A Sampling of Arizona Culture (Enrichment Grant)
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Institute of International Education
SCEC4 - Continuous GPS Analysis of Postseismic Deformation Associated with Two ~M7 Earthquakes in Southern California
Bennett,Richard A
University of Southern California
Postdoctoral Fellowship Host Allowance
Bentley,Lisa D
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
National Science Foundation


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