Grants & Other Sponsored Projects


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Title Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Name
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
Lippert,Peter C
Consortium for Ocean Leadership
Interdisciplinary Applications in Endangered Language Documentation
Penfield,Susan D
Confluence Ctr for Creative In
National Science Foundation
UA Contribution to See Me
Smith,Peter H
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Raytheon Company
Further Investigation of CFZ anti-tumor activity in SCLC in vitro and in vivo models
Garland,Linda L
Cancer Center Division
Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Michele Sleep Scoring Research Partnership Agreement
Arizona Respiratory Center
Younes Sleep Technologies (Canada)
Climate Change and Cultural Resource Program Planning
Meadow,Alison M
Institute of the Environment
National Park Service
Explaining Individual Variability in Antiretroviral Adherence Behavior
Carrington,Jane M
College of Nursing
University of Colorado Denver
The role of herbivory and competition in the dominance of a non-native grass
Chesson,Peter L
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Western National Parks Association
Acquisition of Goods and Services - Bronson
Roth,Robert L
Maricopa Agriculture Ctr-Res
United States Department of Agriculture
Examination of 23 paintings in the collection of the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) using dendrochronological techniques.
Wazny,Tomasz J
Tree Ring Laboratory
The North Carolina Museum of Art Foundation
Gene Editing to Create Immunity Against Cassava Brown Steak
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Mental Health Court: Demographic, Life Cycle and Case Flow Study
Beck,Connie J A
Arizona Psychological Foundation
Collection condition Survey and Maintenance of Textiles Stored at WACC
Massman,Mackenzie A
Arizona State Museum
National Park Service
Southeast Arizona Hummingbird Banding Database Proofing and 2012 Data Input (UAZDS-387)
Conway,Courtney J
Sch of Nat Resource&Enviro-Res
National Park Service
Contesting Participatory Governance: Social Movements, Service Access, and Citizenship in Cape Town's Informal Settlements
Park,Thomas K
School of Anthropology
Wenner Gren Foundation
Santa Cruz River
Civil Engr and Engr Mechanics
Pima County, Arizona
Airborne Charge and Electric Field Mapping System (ACEFMS) (The University of Arizona's Role)
Cummins,Kenneth L
Institute Atmospheric Physics
QUASAR Federal Systems, Incorporated
Social Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Coastal Communities along the US Gulf of Mexico
Austin,Diane E
Bur of Applied Rsch in Anthro
University of Texas at San Antonio
Perinatal Stress and Programming of Childhood Wheeze and Lung Function
Morgan,Wayne J
Arizona Respiratory Center
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
VNIR Transfer Radiometer
Biggar,Stuart F
College of Optical Sciences
NEON, Incorporated
Measuring Postfire Erosion after Wildfires
Delong,Stephen B
Biosphere 2
United States Forest Service
Atrazine and LH Secretion
Handa,Robert J
COM Phx Basic Medical Sci
Dissemination of weather related information for Arizona Cotton Producers
Brown,Paul W
Soil Water and Enviro Sci-Ext
Cotton, Incorporated
Dendrochronological Sourcing of Timbers from the Great Houses of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Swetnam,Thomas W
Tree Ring Laboratory
Western National Parks Association
Thermal Analysis of Telescope Design using Finite Element Method
Aerospace & Mechanical Engr
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Incor
College Access Challenge Grant: Increasing Native American participation in higher education
Mccormick,Rudy B
Early Academic Outreach
Governors Office of Education Innovation
A Western IPM Center Led by California, Arizona, and Oregon
Ellsworth,Peter C
Maricopa Agriculture Ctr-Res
University of California, Davis
Mouse Models of Lymphedema
Witte,Marlys H
Arizona State University
Glial Interactions with Neurons in the Sorting Zone of the Olfactory Nerve (WAESO)
Oland,Lynne A
Arizona State University
Cotton Genetics (Farm Services Agreement) Dyer
Roth,Robert L
Maricopa Agriculture Ctr-Res
United States Department of Agriculture


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