Grants & Other Sponsored Projects


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Title Principal Investigator Unit Sponsor Name
Aspergillus-resistant aflatoxin-free transgenic groudnuts
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
CRTI Project TD 08 0180-- Integrated National CBRNE Training System for Health, Psychosocial and Communication Responders
Walter,Frank G
AZ Emergency Medicine Rsch Ctr
Sunnybrook Research Academy (Canada)
Stabilize Archeological and Historic Artifacts for Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (UAZCP-294)
Massman,Mackenzie A
Arizona State Museum
National Park Service
AMPED: Acute Management of Pain from the Emergency Department: A National, Emergency Department-Based Prospective Registry on Non-Opioid vs Opioid ...
Denninghoff,Kurt R
Dept of Emergency Medicine
Radnor Registry Research
Collaborative Research: Conceptualizing an Institute for Empowering Long Tail Research
Heidorn,Patrick B
Sch of Info Res & Library Sci
National Science Foundation
LSST Support for Gina Brissenden
Prather,Edward E
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Incor
Sustain the Successful Whitefly Management Program in Arizona
Cotton, Incorporated
Effects of Manure on Cotton Production and Soil Quality
Loper,Shawna J
Maricopa Ag Center-Ext
Cotton, Incorporated
NIR Goggle Device for Real-Time Image-Guided Surgery
College of Optical Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis
New Insecticide Alternatives for Insect Management in Melons
Palumbo,John C
Yuma Agriculture Center-Res
California Melon Research Advisory
Peridynamic Modeling of Separating Shape Memory Alloy Device
Erdmann,Robert G
Materials Science & Engr
Raytheon Company
Preservation of Sacristy Barrel Vault/Roof at San Jose de Tumacacori, Tumacacori Mission Unit, Tumacacori NHP (UAZDS-385)
Jeffery,R Brooks
Drachman Institute
National Park Service
GMT4 Refractory Purchase
Kingsley,Jeffrey S
Steward Observatory
Giant Magellan Telescope Organization
Person-Specific Modeling of Suicidal Ideation in Sexual Minority Youth
Sinclair,Katerina O
Sch of Family Consumer Sci-Res
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Acquisition of Goods and Services
Cotty,Peter J
School of Plant Sciences-Res
United States Department of Agriculture
EAGER: Developing an Experimental Technique for Measuring Very Slow Crack Velocities in Rock Using the Atomic Force Microscope
Kemeny,John M
Mining & Geological Engr
National Science Foundation
Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program-Republic of Cape Verde (ITEHP-CV): Phase 1 Year 2012
International Virtual E-Hospital Foundation
Zooarcheological Analysis of Faunal Collections from Canyon de Chelly NM held at the Western Archeological Conservation Center (UAZCP-291)
Arizona State Museum
National Park Service
Oxidative Activation of the Dietary Cancer Chemopreventive Agent Curcumin
Funk,Janet L
Vanderbilt University
Economics of Pink Bollworm Eradication
Frisvold,George B
Agricultural Resource Econ-Res
Cotton, Incorporated
The New Energy Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for US Cotton
Frisvold,George B
Agricultural Resource Econ-Res
Cotton, Incorporated
ROC Protocols
Friese,Randall S
University of Washington
Research on Arizona Rare and Endangered Plants: Program Facilitation and Rare Plant List Development
Mcmahon,Michelle M
School of Plant Sciences-Res
Arizona Department of Agriculture
RAPID: Securing the climate, limnological and sediment data needed to understand and calubrate multi-millennial records of ENSO in the Eastern Pacific
Overpeck,Jonathan T
Institute of the Environment
National Science Foundation
Assessing Contamination Risks Associated with Dust, Soil, Composted Soil and Contaminated Irrigation Water on Iceberg Lettuce
Veterinary Sci & Microbio-Res
Arizona Iceberg Lettuce Research Council
Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Community Healing Garden
Solomon,Teshia G
Family and Community Medicine
Mayo Clinic
Eyespot Placement and Assembly in Clamydomonas
Dieckmann,Carol L
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Arizona State University
Investigating the connection between hypoxia, acidosis, and angiogenesis in lymphoma (Targeting hypoxia in lymphoma investigation of TH-302)
Baker,Amanda F
Chemistry & Biochemistry â?? Sci
University of Rochester
Modeling Titan's Atmospheric Dynamics and their interaction with Methane - Student: Juan Lora
Russell,Joellen L
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
NASA Headquarters
Synchrony in Metapopulations at Multiple Time-Scales: Theory, Experiments and Field Data
Costantino,Robert F
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
California State Los Angeles University Auxiliary Services,


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