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  • Photo of UA seal by Scott Kirkessner

    A new committee, established by The University of Arizona's Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, is examining ways in which the University can more effectively offer instructional support services to faculty on campus... Read More

  • A new survey asks campus community members for feedback on a variety of potential new retail opportunities at the UA, from new snack cart offerings to spa services and more.

    If you've ever wished you could drop off your dry cleaning, rent a car or get a pedicure without leaving campus, now could be the time to have your voice heard.

    A new survey, created by The University of Arizona's Student... Read More

  • Agi Bakonyi is one of seven dispatchers with The University of Arizona Police Department.

    Agi Bakonyi

    Police dispatcher, University of Arizona Police Department

    Number of years at the UA

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "My co-workers. They're a fun... Read More

  • The UA is considering replacing the campuswide e-mail and calendaring systems and wants feedback from employees.

    University of Arizona employees are being asked for their input on a potential replacement for the University e-mail and online calendar systems.

    University Information Technology Services is hosting a series of open... Read More

  • The people who kill viruses on your computer, teach you how to use new software and route calls to the right people are now part of the same team.

    The University of Arizona Information Technology Services unit has moved the... Read More

  • (Photo credit: James Gathany, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta)

    If you're in the habit of pitching half-full soda bottles or leaving the lid on the trashcan open, it could come back to bite you, campus officials are warning.

    With the mercury on the rise, peak mosquito season is upon us,... Read More

  • Mary Lor enjoys keeping an eye on campus happenings from behind the wheel of a CatTran shuttle.

    Mary Lor
    Cat Tran Driver, Parking and Transportation Services
    Number of years at the UA
    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "The students, and just being on campus. There'... Read More

  • The University of Arizona's ADVANCE program is accepting nominations for speakers for its campus lecture series next year. The series brings female junior scientists and distinguished lecturers from other campuses to the UA as part of... Read More

  • Farmers' Market regulars who feared the end of the school year meant the end of easy access to fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies needn't worry. The weekly University of Arizona Farmers' Market will continue throughout the summer... Read More

  • Susan Morrison has a hand in creating costumes for every show performed by the Arizona Repertory Theatre.

    Susan Morrison
    Costume shop supervisor, School of Theatre Arts
    Number of years at the UA
    Favorite part of working at the UA
    Working with students

    If you've ever... Read More

  • About 500 UA students and employees volunteered to clean up seven campus-area neighborhoods. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Community Relations)

    Relationships between University of Arizona students and their nonstudent neighbors aren't always easy. In an effort to improve them, a team of UA students and employees recently took to the streets to clean up seven neighborhoods near... Read More

  • Anoop Chandola, author of "The Dharma Videos of Lust: Mysteries of Indian Religions"

    There have long been two sides to Anoop Chandola. There's the academician – a liberal university professor and linguist-anthropologist. Then there's a Hindu priest, who performs marriage, child naming and other traditional Hindu... Read More

  • Vincent Dixon, senior supervisor of the Student Union Memorial Center's production kitchen, is celebrating his 10th year at the UA.

    In the depths of Student Union Memorial Center exists a hidden, bustling world. It's the union's production kitchen, where cooks busily prepare meals for campus's long list of eateries, catered events and convenience stores.

    ... Read More

  • Christine Dykgraaf

    Three faculty members with distinguished careers in the classroom were presented with 2009 Magellan Circle Teaching Awards during the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences convocation ceremony.

    Christine Dykgraaf,... Read More

  • As some campus units seek out new sources of funding in challenging economic times, The University of Arizona community is asked to review campus policies regarding advertising and sponsor recognition on UA Web sites.

    A team... Read More

  • Hoshin Gupta, a hydrology professor at the UA, has written a rock opera to be performed at the Zuzi! Theater this weekend. (Photo by Maria Sans-Fuentes)

    There came a time in Hoshin Gupta's life when he had to choose between a career in science and one in music. But while the University of Arizona hydrology and water resources professor opted for a professional life in the lab, his... Read More

  • Stimulus money is available for a broad range of purposes, such as continuing research, initiating programs, funds for design and construction and for hiring temporary research employees, which bring hope to a higher education system that has recently seen a reduction in funding, a consolidation of programs and services, and also layoffs and furloughs.

    The effort to strategically submit federal funding proposals in order to maximize The University of Arizona's ability to reap more federal economic stimulus money is beginning to see returns.

    Soon after the passage of the... Read More

  • Whimsical paintings, photographs of the desert in bloom, even a stuffed fabric version of Tucson's Old Pueblo Trolley, with postage stamp-sized passengers like President Barack Obama and University of Arizona President Robert N.... Read More

  • Chris Segrin, Professional Education Teaching and Mentoring Award winner

    Each year, with the help of the campus community, The University of Arizona recognizes faculty for excellence in teaching at the Awards of Distinction ceremony. On Friday, the UA Provost's Office held the annual luncheon and ceremony... Read More

  • President Robert N. Shelton helps "Stuff the Cat Tran" at an inaugural food drive hosted by the Staff Advisory Council and Parking and Transportation Services this spring.

    This year's UA4Food campaign raised a record-breaking amount of food and money for the Tucson Community Food Bank, pulling in more than twice the cash raised last year.

    The annual campus giving campaign raised $62,825 and 27,... Read More


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