Awards and Accolades

Awards and Accolades

By University Communications
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Monica Kraft
Monica Kraft
Lynn Nadel
Lynn Nadel
David D. Breshears
David D. Breshears
Peter G. DeCelles
Peter G. DeCelles
Roger V. Yelle
Roger V. Yelle

Congratulations to these recently honored employees and programs.

Monica Kraft Elected Fellow of European Respiratory Society

Dr. Monica Kraft, chair of the Department of Medicine, has been elected as a fellow of the prestigious European Respiratory Society, an international organization that brings together physicians, health care professionals, scientists and other experts working in respiratory medicine.

Kraft is one of only 17 people – and two Americans – to receive the honor this year. The award recognizes a lifetime of excellence and contributions to research, education and clinical leadership in respiratory medicine and brings together members who have excelled in their field to form an elite advisory board that is called upon by the society to weigh in on various matters related to research and clinical challenges.

Kraft also is a professor of medicine in the UA College of Medicine – Tucson, deputy director of the UA Health Sciences Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center, and the Robert and Irene Flinn Endowed Chair of Medicine.

Lynn Nadel Awarded 'Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement'

Lynn Nadel, Regents' Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Cognitive Science and chair of the faculty, has been given the Gold Medal Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Science of Psychology.

The award, presented by the American Psychological Foundation, recognizes "a distinguished career and enduring contribution to advancing psychological science." The foundation confers the awards in three additional categories: the application of psychology, psychology in the public interest, and the practice of psychology.

The APF "is a grant-making foundation that funds early career psychologists and graduate students using psychology to solve important problems and improve people's lives," according to the foundation's website.

Nadel's work has focused on the functions of the hippocampus in memory and spatial cognition, leading to significant contributions in the study of stress and memory, sleep and memory, memory reconsolidation, and the mental retardation observed in Down syndrome. He has promulgated, with collaborators, two highly influential theories in cognitive neuroscience: the cognitive map theory of hippocampal function, and the multiple trace theory of memory. 

Last year, the Society of Experimental Psychologists selected Nadel for the 2016 Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding achievement in experimental psychology.

Three From UA Elected Fellows of American Geophysical Union

Three UA faculty members have been elected fellows of the American Geophysical Union, which cited the new fellows for visionary leadership and scientific excellence that has fundamentally advanced research in their respective fields.

The new fellows are: David D. Breshears, professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment and a professor in the global change Graduate Interdisciplinary Program; Peter G. DeCelles, professor in the Department of Geosciences; and Roger V. Yelle, professor in the Department of Planetary Sciences and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

AGU "galvanizes a community of Earth and space scientists that collaboratively advances and communicates science and its power to ensure a sustainable future," according to the organization's website.

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