Dinner to Honor the Service of Retiring Employees

Dinner to Honor the Service of Retiring Employees

By Amy WilliamsUniversity Communications
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Dan Kruse
Dan Kruse
William Hubbard
William Hubbard

The picture of retirement can look different depending on the person. Some consider it a time to relax and take it easy while others see it as a chance to try new things.

Dan Kruse, a former senior radio announcer with Arizona Public Media, retired last summer. Although he still helps out by filling in for other announcers from time to time, he has spent most of his retirement exploring other interests related to music and documentary film.

"I've been a part of the UA community in one way or another since walking into the UA School of Music and beginning an undergraduate degree, at age 47, in January 2000," Kruse said. "This association with the University has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I sincerely hope to continue staying connected with the UA in every possible way."

William Hubbard, professor at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, will continue working with NASA on Mission Juno throughout his retirement, but will also get the chance to help out with grandchildren. During the 45 years that he has been at the UA, he said his favorite memories came from observing with the UA telescopes and "discovering cool things."

Kruse and Hubbard will be celebrated tonight with about 270 other employees with retirement dates between May 18, 2016 and May 17, 2017, at a dinner hosted by the Division of Human Resources.

The keynote speaker will be Charles "Chuck" Albanese, former dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, who will talk about his life after the UA and how he's pursuing his passion for painting during retirement. 

Several retirees worked at the UA for 40 years or more. They are:

  • Oma Hamara, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, 53 years.
  • John Ulreich, Professor in the Department of English, 45 years.
  • Susan Aiken, University Distinguished Professor in the Department of English, 43 years.
  • Michael Schaller, Regents' Professor of History, 43 years.
  • Jeffrey Warburton, Associate Professor in the School of Theatre, Film and Television, and former presiding officer of the Faculty Senate, 42 years.
  • Dennis Cory, Professor in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, 40 years.
  • James Custis, Senior Dining Services Attendant in Student Food Service, 40 years.

Other notable retirees and the most recent titles they held:

  • Edward Beshore, Deputy Principal Investigator for OSIRIS-Rex (13 years).
  • Peter Beudert, University Distinguished Professor in the School of Theatre, Film and Television (23 years).
  • Thomas Boyer, Professor of Medicine and Cellular and Molecular Medicine (17 years).
  • Socorro Carrizosa, Director of the Adalberto and Ana Guerrero Student Center (34 years).
  • Robert Casler, Director of Marketing, Communications and Brand Management in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (35 years).
  • Jacqueline Chadwick, Vice Dean at the College of Medicine – Phoenix (24 years).
  • Gregg Hanson, Director of Bands at the Fred Fox School of Music (26 years).
  • Harry McDermott, former Director of Campus Health (29 years).
  • Lynn Nadel, Regents' Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science and chair of the faculty (32 years).
  • Pierre Meystre, Regents' Professor of Physics (30 years).

To view the full list of this year's retirees, click here

All employees whose retirement date is after this year's ceremony on May 17 will be invited to next year's ceremony.

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