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  • As the University of Arizona works toward becoming a "greener" campus, individuals can do many things to help. From recycling soda cans, to making double-sided copies, to turning off the lights when leaving a room, every little bit... Read More

  • Allison Vaillancourt, vice president for human resources

    When University of Arizona employee Jennifer Hoefle learned last year that a change in state law would make her partner ineligible for health insurance benefits provided by the UA, worry took hold. 

    Hoefle, the program... Read More

  • Sanchez creates elaborate carvings from fruits, vegetables and ice.

    Lawrence Sanchez

    Dining Services Supervisor, Senior, Arizona Student Unions

    Number of years at the UA
    8 months

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "The challenge is... Read More

  • Don Seeley

    Don Seeley, retiring director of the Applied Portfolio Management Program at the Eller College of Management, says there are three things he'll miss most about the University of Arizona – its past, present and future students.

    ... Read More
  • In this photo, taken shortly after he arrived at the UA, President Robert N. Shelton speaks on the phone in his office.

    You have a busy schedule. President Robert N. Shelton has a busy schedule.

    But if you both found time to have a chat over lunch, what would you want to talk about?

    We're asking Lo Que Pasa readers to send in the... Read More

  • Leslie Eldenburg

    The University of Arizona is moving forward on a new budgeting system that will change the way tuition dollars are distributed in an effort to provide increased incentives for teaching activities.

    ... Read More
  • International breastfeeding symbol

    New mothers face a lot of challenges, especially as they try to balance caring for a newborn with returning to work. To help, the University of Arizona offers designated lactation areas for nursing moms. Life & Work... Read More

  • Ever regret not taking that dance class in college? Or trying your hand at painting or astronomy? With the wide variety of course offerings available on a college campus, it’s hard to squeeze them all in. We wanted to know from... Read More

  • The UA's newest chilled water plant replaced an aging facility that was on the verge of collapse. (Photo by Jeff Harrison)

    Facilities Management at the University of Arizona has been recognized nationally for something that is rarely seen or thought about on campus but is universally appreciated, especially here in the desert Southwest.

    Building... Read More

  • Looking to publicize your campus events on a nonexistent advertising budget? Consider listing them on the UA's Master Calendar.

    As one of the UA's most popular websites, it's a great (and did we... Read More

  • Sheila Pitt says returning to teaching this year, a year and a half after her accident, has been the best decision she could have made.

    Sheila Pitt always felt at home on a horse. She'd owned them for nearly 40 years, since she moved to Tucson from Philadelphia in 1971. Dressed in a tuxedo, she showed them in dressage competitions, which she likens to gymnastics... Read More

  • (From left) Lupita Fannin, Mariana Hernandez, Graciela Varela and Luz Rodriguez were named Staff Members of the Year by the College of Law's Student Bar Association.

    They arrive at the James E. Rogers College of Law every morning before most students and professors and then work tirelessly throughout the day, with smiles on their faces, to keep the school looking clean and orderly.

    They... Read More

  • Jennifer Cubeta holds bachelor's degrees in general biology and education from the UA and a master's degree in education from Northern Arizona University. She's taught at Tucson's Maxwell and La Cima Middle Schools.

    Three academic advisers are being honored by the National Academic Advising Association for outstanding service in guiding undergraduates through their collegiate career.

    "I want to make a difference in the world, I want to go... Read More

  • Larry Acedo does most of the welding in the UA's Machine and Welding Center.

    Larry Acedo

    Manager, Machine and Welding Center in the University Research Instrumentation Center

    Number of years at the UA

    Favorite part of working at the UA
    "Working... Read More

  • University of Arizona employees soon will switch to a new e-mail and calendaring system that will include a larger inbox quota, instant messaging capabilities, tools for holding online meetings and several other new features. 

    ... Read More
  • The Staff Advisory Council's annual professional development conference gives employees a chance to meet and talk about the issues that matter most to them.

    The University of Arizona is going through some significant changes, from dwindling state support to operational makeovers that have altered the institution's organizational structure.

    To help University staff members deal with... Read More

  • As the academic year comes to a close and students take their finals in a last dash to the finish line, it's a sure bet that their summer plans include trips home, summer school and relaxing. But what about University of Arizona... Read More

  • Did you know that wads of Black Jack chewing gum once enjoyed by outlaw John Dillinger are on display in a jar at the College of Pharmacy?

    Or that the Hippocrates statue outside the College of Medicine is made from marble from... Read More

  • At the final Faculty Senate meeting of the school year, senators heard a report from a committee charged with exploring possible money-saving measures to help the campus bridge an anticipated budget gap in 2012. Ideas ranged from to... Read More

  • Wiley Ross has worked on everything from classical to rap in the School of Music's recording studio.

    Wiley Ross

    Recording Studio Coordinator, School of Music

    Number of years at the UA

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "I think it must be the students, in... Read More


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