Input Wanted on Campus Plan

Input Wanted on Campus Plan

By Alexis BlueUniversity Communications
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The University of Arizona is working to update its Comprehensive Campus Plan and is asking for input from members of the University community and the public.

The Department of Campus and Facilities Planning will hold two workshops Monday to gather feedback on how the physical campus can best accommodate growth and change at the University, said Campus Planner Ed Galda.

The Arizona Board of Regents requires that the campus master plan, which provides basic guidelines for all new building and development projects on campus, to be updated every five years. The consulting firm of Ayers/Saint/Gross Architects + Planners, which developed the UA's 2003 plan, will coordinate the update, scheduled for completion by June.

The 2003 plan addresses the following key areas: open space; circulation and parking; sustainability; housing; student life; utility infrastructure; neighborhood issues; and teaching, research and service.

The plan's overall goals, which are largely related to creating an interconnected network of open spaces on campus, will likely remain the same, Galda said. However, he anticipates the updated plan will include a greater focus on sustainability initiatives – an area that has gained increased attention in the past five years.

Galda said Monday's workshops – a daytime session for the University community and an evening session for members of the general public – will allow people to share suggestions or concerns related to their observations of campus.

"Through this effort, we need to look at the existing campus and how we can accommodate a growing number of students," Galda said.

The major goals of the plan update, as outlined by the Department of Campus and Facilities Planning, include:

  • Identification of issues that that have emerged since 2003.
  • Revision of the plan to reflect completed or planned buildings and open space projects.
  • Inclusion of new strategies related to transportation, traffic and pedestrian circulation.
  • Identification of potential locations for future faculty/staff housing.
  • Greater integration of the University's sustainability programs and initiatives.

Monday's workshops will be held in Room 205 of the Marvin D. "Swede" Johnson building. The University community session will take place at 1:30 p.m. and the general community session will take place at 7 p.m.

A second set of workshops is tentatively scheduled for April 6 and 7, with details yet to be determined, Galda said.

You can view the current plan and learn more about the update on the Campus and Facilities Planning Web site.

A draft of the updated plan should be available on the site the first week of April, Galda said. There will be an open house on campus in May to present the plan to the public before it goes before ABOR for approval at the board's June meeting, he said.

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