Livengood Discusses Athletes' Academics With Faculty Senate

Livengood Discusses Athletes' Academics With Faculty Senate

By Ellen MossUniversity Communications
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Academic performance is on the rise in 10 sports programs, UA Athletics Director Jim Livengood told the Faculty Senate this week.

A recent NCAA Academic Progress Report, known as the APR, shows an increase in academic performance statistics for four men's and six women's programs from 2004-07.

"We're making great progress," Livengood told the senate about the APR results, which were released by the NCAA on Tuesday.

Livengood also told the senate that while APR improvements have been made in nearly every sport, men's track faces a scholarship sanction after one of the team's foreign student-athletes withdrew from the University after he was unable to transfer credits toward graduation.

Jory Hancock, director of the School of Dance and the senate's faculty athletic representative, also addressed the senate, discussing the C.A.T.S. (Commitment to an Athlete's Total Success) academic program.

Through the program, student-athletes receive academic support and supervision, Hancock said, and while eligibility is an important part of being a student-athlete, it shouldn't be an academic goal.

"We don’t want staying eligible to be the primary focus," Hancock said of student-athletes' work in the classroom. "We want graduation to be."

With the help of the C.A.T.S. program, the athletics department hopes to show even more improvement in the next APR report.

"In the next year, we think we have the opportunity for five of our teams to be at the 1,000 level for an annual rate – the best – and we are on track to have each of our 19 programs at or above the critical 925 benchmark in the multiyear rating," Livengood said in a statement released on Tuesday.

In other Faculty Senate news, senators voted to elect new members to several senate and University committees. The newly elected representatives are:

  • Committee on Conciliation: Patricia Promis, team leader, arts and humanities; Edward F. Reid, associate professor, music; and Leslie Ritter, associate professor, College of Nursing.
  • University Committee on Ethics and Commitment: Mary Berg, assistant professor, clinical pathology; and Todd Camenisch, assistant professor, pharmacology and toxicology.
  • University Hearing Board: Laura Carscaddon, assistant librarian; Susan Knight, assistant professor of practice, journalism; Christine Kollen, librarian; and Jennalyn Tellman, associate librarian.
  • Faculty Senate representative to the Senate Executive Committee: Douglas E. Jones, associate librarian.
  • Faculty Senate representatives to the Senate Committee on Budget and Strategic Planning: William E. Conway, associate professor, mathematics; and Owen K. Davis, professor, geosciences.
  • Faculty Senate representative to the Grievance Clearinghouse Committee: Owen K. Davis, professor, geosciences.
  • Faculty Senate representative to the Shared Governance Review Committee: John C. Ulreich, professor, English.

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