New Payroll System Debuts This Month

New Payroll System Debuts This Month

By Johnny CruzUniversity Communications
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The University will begin using a new time recording system later this month as part of the first phase of the Mosaic Enterprise System Replacement Project.

The new system, UAccess Employee, will replace the existing paper-based record keeping process on Sept. 28.

In addition, the employee ID and student ID numbers will be replaced with a new common identifier, the PeopleSoft EmplID, a change that will affect UA systems that process data based on those numbers, such as payroll.

"The primary driver here is the age of the 'legacy' system," said Hank Childers, Mosaic project director. "One of the great benefits of the new system is that it is much more modern and much more rich in capabilities. It is Web-based, which will make it much easier for people to use."  

Under the UAccess Employee system, employees will be able to access their electronic time sheets from any computer with an Internet connection.

Nonexempt employees, who are eligible to earn overtime, are considered "positive time reporters" and will enter their daily hours online for every pay period.

Exempt employees, who are not eligible for overtime, are considered "exception time reporters" and will report only nonwork time such as vacation or sick leave hours used. Those who worked regular hours and did not take vacation or sick time will not need to enter the timekeeping system unless a "presence at work" confirmation is required by their department. 

The Web-based systems will be connected to the new Human Resources systems.

Some departments – including Facilities Management; Arizona Student Unions; Residence Life, Facilities, Design and Construction; and the UA Libraries – will continue using their specialized timekeeping systems, which also are connected to the new HR system.

All employees are encouraged to review the frequently asked questions on the Mosaic Web site, complete time reporter online training or attend a live workshop and obtain a UA Net ID (if they don't have one) and record their official UA e-mail address in Employee Link.

If employees do not record an official University e-mail address, one will be assigned to them.  

Supervisors who have to approve time sheets are encouraged to complete online trainings and share changes in time reporting and approval processes with employees.

"We've done a great deal of parallel testing, especially focused on ensuring that the new payroll is working correctly as compared to the old payroll," Childers said. "For time entry, we've built a set of tools to enable monitoring and intervention, to minimize the chance of somebody not getting paid, or not getting paid correctly."  

The Arizona Cancer Center is currently working with Mosaic team members on a simulation of the new system. "We have also set up a multitiered support process to deal with questions and problems that come up. We know that even all these steps will not guarantee a smooth transition, so we are prepared to act quickly when things come up," Childers said. 

"We will have materials available to help interpret the new and more complete pay advice (stub). Employees should know both that we've been careful and that we care – if it's wrong we'll make it right."

EmplIDs will be assigned automatically, and are accessible online at

Employees who have a student record with an S-based SID will have their EmplID set to that SID. For example, the SID S08622550 will drop the S and become EmplID 08622550.

Employees who have a student record with a Social Security number-style ID and employees without student records will have their EmplID set to their existing Employee ID, with a 0 removed from the middle. For example, the EID 122004478 will become EmplID 12204478.

"We intend for the transition to the new ID to be somewhat behind the scenes," Childers said.

In an e-mail message to all employees this week, Human Resources announced several other changes that will impact UA employees, including:

Discontinuing Centrally Printed Paycheck Advices for Direct Deposit Paychecks
Beginning with the Oct. 9 paycheck, employees using direct deposit for their paychecks will receive their paycheck information using the new UAccess Employee system. In alignment with campuswide sustainability efforts, paper deposit advices will no longer be printed.

The new electronic advices will include many enhanced features, such as reporting all employer contributions to voluntary and mandatory benefits. Employees may print paycheck advices at any time, and will be able to refer to paycheck history beginning with the Oct. 9 paycheck.

Employees can still access older pay stubs via Employee Link.

New Standard for Including Business Contact Information in the Online Phonebook
Contact information for every employee will be included in the online phonebook, including name, campus phone number, campus address and official University e-mail address. Under the UAccess Employee system, there will be no option to publish personal contact information in the online phonebook, such as a home address.

Employees with documented personal security concerns may request that their information be suppressed from publication.

For other changes impacting benefits-eligible employees, visit the Human Resources Web site.

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