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  • The Open Enrollment Benefit Guide, originally due in employee mailboxes Aug. 1, has been delayed.

    The state's Open Enrollment Benefit Guide, originally scheduled to be sent to state employees around Aug. 1, has been delayed due to a challenge to the state's contract awards for 2009-2010.

    It is not clear how the delay... Read More

  • Kyle Morrison and his dog, Michael, patrol UA sporting events, political visits and more as UAPD's canine explosive detection team.

    Kyle Morrison

    Police officer, The University of Arizona Police Department K-9 Unit

    Number of Years at the UA
    9 1/2

    Favorite part about working at the UA... Read More

  • Simone Gorete Machado, Biosphere 2 artist-in-residence

    Biosphere 2 is where science lives.

    Biosphere 2 is also where science fuses with art and music, a melding that takes place as part of the B2 Institute Artist-in-Residence program.

    "It's a very important... Read More

  • They've been swinging all summer, and now players in the Faculty/Staff Softball League are preparing to slide into home with the league's championship game. Seven teams of about 20 members took to the field this summer to show off... Read More

  • Beginning Aug. 1, UA employees and students will be able to rent cars on campus.

    The University of Arizona next month will launch a car-sharing program in an effort to promote the use of mass transportation while reducing the number of vehicles driven to campus each day.

    Under a partnership with the Hertz... Read More

  • Gerald "Skip" Jubb

    For Gerald "Skip" Jubb, dean of The University of Arizona South, it's the commencement ceremonies that make the job so worthwhile, the opportunity to see the faces of students preparing to begin a new chapter of their lives.

    ... Read More

  • Ken Marcus

    Sprawled across 1,345 acres, The University of Arizona's Science and Technology Park comprises nearly 2 million square feet and is home to the Arizona Center for Innovation, 40 science and technology companies, a branch of the UA South... Read More

  • Julie Perkins is Campus Health Service's only massage therapist.

    Julie Perkins

    Massage therapist, Campus Health Service

    Number of years at the UA

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "Working at Campus Health. It's kind of a close-... Read More

  • Eddie Gomez will serve as the 2009-2010 president of the UA Staff Advisory Council.

    The University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council welcomed its new officers and discussed plans for the coming year at its annual retreat, held Friday.

    Eddie Gomez (Offices of Admissions) will serve as the council's president,... Read More

  • We asked readers to look back 40 years and recall what they were doing on July 20, 1969, the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon.


    I was 11 and attending my first weeklong Boy Scout camp in Connecticut. Our... Read More

  • Patrick Beamish worked on military vehicles in combat before becoming a vehicle technician at the UA.

    Patrick Beamish

    Vehicle technician, Facilities Management

    Number of years at the UA
    5 1/2

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "The people I work with, the co-workers.... Read More

  • Dr. Janko Nikolich-Zugich

    It is probably no news to most that the fastest growing segment of the human population in Arizona, the nation, and around the world, is older adults – those over 65 years old. In fact, 13 percent of the population of Arizona, or... Read More

  • Visitors to the UA Farmers' Market can browse for fresh produce, gifts and more.

    After three years of bringing fresh produce and other goods to the campus community, the Farmers' Market at The University of Arizona is closing up shop, due in part to funding shortfalls and low turnout from vendors and shoppers.... Read More

  • Retired Gunnery Sgt. Bruce Montoya considers self-defense classes a wise investment in one's personal safety.

    Bruce Montoya

    Personal protection instructor, Campus Recreation

    Number of years at the UA

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "Being outside when I walk place to... Read More

  • Jennifer Barton

    University of Arizona neuroscientist Carol Barnes has been named associate director of the BIO5 Institute and UA biomedical engineer Jennifer Barton has been named assistant director.

    Pharmacy professor Laurence Hurley is... Read More

  • George Domino, professor emeritus of psychology at the UA, is the author of "Picasso, Mozart, and You: Unleashing Your Creative Self."

    We can't all be skilled painters like Picasso. Or gifted musicians like Mozart. Or genius scientists like Einstein. But that doesn't mean we can't tap into our inner creativity in other ways.

    That's the topic of "Picasso,... Read More

  • As the University of Arizona's Mosaic Project to replace aging administrative computer systems on campus continues on schedule, a variety of new training options are being made available to help UA employees learn to use the new... Read More

  • Peder Cuneo provides veterinary care for the UA's large animals.

    Peder Cuneo

    Extension veterinarian, department of veterinary science and microbiology
    Associate director, University Animal Care

    Number of years at the UA

    Read More
  • To mark the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's arrival on the moon, Lo Que Pasa is asking readers to submit memories, stories or snapshots that capture what it felt like on that day.

    What were you doing on July 20, 1969? Where... Read More

  • CatTran coordinator Glenn Grafton.

    On Aug. 17, Parking and Transportation Services at The University of Arizona will resume its regular CatTran shuttle service in and around campus.

    The most noticeable change will be an additional route, the Green Line, which... Read More


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