Understanding Your UCAP Placement Results Letter

Understanding Your UCAP Placement Results Letter

By Division of Human Resources
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Employees in positions that fall under the University Career Architecture Project will receive their Career Architecture Placement Results letter on Oct. 29.

To help employees understand their letters, the Division of Human Resources has offered the following information.

Reading your results letter

You will receive an email through your official University email address with a link to access your Career Architecture Placement Results Letter in UAccess.

(The numbers below correspond to the sections labeled in the image at left.)

1. Your current employee information will be pulled from UAccess to populate Working Title and Compensation Amount. You will retain your current title as a working title.

2. Your Fair Labor Standards Act Status is based on the job code to which you have been mapped. In conjunction with UCAP, an FLSA analysis occurred and may have resulted in a change to your eligibility for overtime compensation.

If you are classified staff and have been mapped to a nonexempt job code, you will transition to nonexempt regardless of your decision to opt in or opt out of becoming University Staff. If you have questions about changes to your exemption status, please refer to the FLSA Overview & Toolkit PowerPoint slides or the FLSA resources on this document.

3. Job Description Title, Function/Family, Career Stream and Level are the details of the job in the career architecture to which you have been mapped. Learn more about the career architecture on JDXpert.

4. Your job is mapped to a pay grade in the University Staff pay structure with an assigned range. This portion of your results letter shows the minimum, midpoint and maximum of the pay grade to which you have been mapped.

What to do after you receive your results letter

Depending on your current job classification, you may need to take additional action after receiving your mapping results. Questions can be directed to your supervisor, HR Alliance representatives or the Division of Human Resources.

Classified Staff | You must indicate in UAccess by Dec. 6 if you choose to opt in to moving to the University Staff employment category or if you choose to stay in your current classified staff position.

If you choose to opt in, you agree to the position as it is currently mapped. If no action is made in UAccess, you will remain in your current classified staff position.

Appointed Professionals | No action is required in UAccess. You will transition to the University Staff employment category on Jan. 27, 2020.

Requesting a Reassessment

Your results letter will include a link for the optional step of requesting reassessment of your position mapping results. The reassessment process would involve your supervisor, your departmental HR and college/division approvers and the HR compensation team.

If you feel a review is needed, connect with your supervisor for more information and follow the instructions included in your results letter. Reassessment requests must be submitted by Nov. 15.

About UCAP

UCAP was launched in 2017 to support employee career progression, provide market-informed data for pay decisions and create a more cohesive culture for all employees by replacing the current classified staff and appointed professional categories of employment with a single employment category.

The employees that are in scope for UCAP include appointed professionals and classified staff. Employees who are out of scope include: faculty, graduate assistants, postdocs, student employees, continuing/continuing-eligible employees and some coaches.

Learn more at ucap.arizona.edu.

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