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  • Kasey Urquidez, assistant dean of admissions and director of undergraduate recruitment, is this year's winner of the Billy Jo Varney Award for Excellence.

    The University of Arizona is full of employees who go above and beyond expectations in their jobs. Some are known for creative solutions, while others are valued for their ability to make their co-workers feel like family. A few of... Read More

  • For a book lover like Chris Schafer, the UA BookStore is an ideal place to work.

    Chris Schafer

    Program Coordinator, Faculty Relations, UA BookStore

    Number of years at the UA

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "Working with student employees ...... Read More

  • Got a University of Arizona CatCard? Then you get free admission to Spring Fling. 

    And if you have been having trouble finding inexpensive family-friendly entertainment for your brood, Spring Fling has a number of promotions... Read More

  • UA employees celebrating milestone years of service receive different gifts depending on their number of years on campus. Those celebrating 35 years get this leather portfolio featuring a Diana Madaras painting.

    Employees celebrating milestone years of service at the University of Arizona will be honored next week at the annual Service Awards Luncheon.

    More than 1,000 employees celebrating 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 or more... Read More

  • The UA's new Web site includes a revamped Faculty & Staff page that highlights campus employees and provides access to a variety employee-related services.

    When the University of Arizona's Web site got a makeover, so did its Faculty & Staff page, which has been revamped to make it easier for employees to access the services they use most.

    One of the major goals of the UA site... Read More

  • Drug Discovery Scientist Tracy Brooks delivers a speech at a Women of Bioscience Toastmasters Club meeting.

    Angie Davis, a first-year graduate student at the University of Arizona's College of Pharmacy, spends most of her time at the lab bench investigating new compounds that might someday be turned into therapeutic drugs. On Monday morning... Read More

  • Located in the heart of campus, the University of Arizona's Student Union Memorial Center provides a number of businesses and services to the UA community, from restaurants and a post office to places to get a haircut, do your banking... Read More

  • As the University of Arizona navigates through some of the choppiest state budget waters in campus history, President Robert N. Shelton sometimes has to point the compass east.

    To Washington, D.C.

    He tries to make it... Read More

  • John McClelland worked as an architect before going back to school to pursue his passion for archaeology. (Photo by Sandra Contreras)

    John McClelland

    Lab Manager, Osteology, Arizona State Museum

    Number of years at the UA

    Favorite part about working at the UA
    "Being able to devote time to those... Read More

  • A Retirement Benefit Estimator lets members see current estimates of their retirement benefits, using all possible factors. It's available online at https://secure.azasrs.gov/secure/BenefitEstimatorEntry.do.

    Employees who participate in the Arizona State Retirement System will see more money coming out of their paychecks for retirement beginning July 1.

    The Arizona State Retirement System, or ASRS, Board of Trustees has approved a... Read More

  • Diana Rix, an academic adviser with UA Evening & Weekend

    If you're thinking of taking classes in the fall, now's the time to get started.

    Academic adviser Diana Rix will lead a brownbag information session Thursday to share information on enrollment, degree-seeking and non-degree-... Read More

  • The "On Our Own Time" exhibit is open to UA staff and appointed personnel across campus. Last year, Maria Griffin, a senior farm attendant in the School of Plant Sciences, submitted this mixed media piece, titled "Shhh ... (A hand of peace will silence you)."

    You spend your days on the phone, in meetings or staring at your computer screen. But after hours, you pick up a paint brush and your inner Michelangelo comes out. Or perhaps you're more adept with a camera or a potter's wheel.

    ... Read More
  • Erica Corral, assistant professor in the department of materials science and engineering

    Erica L. Corral, an assistant professor in the University of Arizona department of materials science and engineering, is one of only 38 early-career scientists and engineers to receive an award under the Young Investigator Program of... Read More

  • Have a budding artist or writer at home? If he or she happens to be in kindergarten, first, second or third grade, the PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest is a great way for them to earn some recognition.

    Read More
  • 1790

    University of Arizona participation in the U.S. census is critical, says Marshall Vest, director of the Economic and Business Research Center in the Eller College of Management.

    Not only does the count affect Arizona's... Read More

  • The University of Arizona has been working hard to become a more environmentally sustainable campus. Among recent efforts are the installation of solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems at different University locations, the... Read More

  • Pre-Med Camp is one of a number of programs offered through the Arizona Youth University this summer.

    It may be spring break, but it's not too early to start thinking about plans for the summer, especially if you've got kids who will need entertaining when school lets out.

    Now is the time to sign your children up for one of... Read More

  • UA President Robert N. Shelton helped fill a shuttle with donated food during last year's Stuff the CatTran event.

    Food boxes started popping up in various campus locations this week, a sure sign that the University's food drive season is upon us.

    Monday marked the first day of the campuswide UA4Food Faculty & Staff Drive, the first in... Read More

  • Mary Riordan (left) and Patricia Auflick are being honored for their work providing health information to refugees living in Tucson. (Photo courtesy of the Arizona Health Sciences Library)

    Two employees in the Arizona Health Sciences Library are being honored for their work providing health information to refugees in Tucson. 

    Patricia Auflick, outreach services librarian, and Mary Riordan, information services... Read More

  • The Arizona Board of Regents will consider the University of Arizona's request to raise tuition by up to 18 percent when it meets on campus this week. The board, which begins its two-day meeting Thursday, will be asked to approve... Read More


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