RCM Three-Year Review Team

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RCM Three-Year Review Team

To: UA Campus Colleagues


Andrew Comrie, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
Gregg Goldman, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs & CFO

Subject: RCM Three-Year Review Team

Date: November 15, 2017

At the time we implemented Responsibility Centered Management (RCM), the RCM Steering Committee recommended that a review team be established to review the first 3 years of RCM implementation and, if required, recommend adjustments and changes to our budget allocation model. It was important that the first three years remained consistent so that there would be some level of predictability. Now that we have entered the 3rd allocation year, it is time to bring a review team together and begin a review process that will identify potential improvements and adjustments that can be implemented for future RCM budget allocations.

We thank those listed below for agreeing to serve as members of the RCM Three- Year Review Team. Team membership reflects a balance of budget expertise, broader experience, membership on the original RCM Steering Committee, a range of types of units, shared governance, and more. Also, following the practice of the RCM Steering Committee, we will be inviting additional people to serve on working groups that will focus on specific topics.

We anticipate that the Review Team will carry out its work during the 2017-18 fiscal year and produce a report with a set of recommendations for consideration by President Robbins.

RCM Three-Year Review Team Members

Andrew Comrie, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (Co-Chair)*
Gregg Goldman, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO (Co-Chair)*
Parker Antin, Associate Dean of Research, CALS and Professor, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Jessie Baxter (or designate), President, Graduate and Professional Student Council
Meg Lota Brown, Director of Graduate Center, Graduate College and Professor, English*
Gail Burd, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Distinguished Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology*
Elliott Cheu, Associate Dean, College of Science and Distinguished Professor, Physics*
David Cuillier, Director and Associate Professor, School of Journalism
Vin Del Casino, Vice President, Academic Initiatives & Student Success and Professor, School of Geography and Development*
Tony DeFrancesco, Assistant Vice President for Operations, UA Health Sciences
Alain-Philippe Durand, Dean, College of Humanities and Professor, French & Italian
Jim Florian, Associate Vice President for Institutional Analysis, Academic Affairs*
Caroline Garcia, Associate Vice President for Research & Chief of Staff, Research, Discovery & Innovation*
Joel Hauff, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs/Enrollment Management and Executive Director, Online and Distance Education Administration
Stacy Lauver, Assistant Dean for Finance and Facilities, College of Pharmacy
Matt Lubisich (or designate), President, Associated Students of the University of Arizona
Rob Miller, Director and Professor, School of Architecture
Lynn Nadel, Chair of the Faculty and Regents' Professor Emeritus, Psychology*
Lisa Ordóñez, Vice Dean, Eller College of Management and Professor, Management & Organizations*
Francisco Pedroza, Assistant Dean for Business and Finance, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Sally Rider, Associate Dean, James E. Rogers College of Law and Chief of Staff, Rehnquist Center
Lisa Rulney, Associate Vice President for Financial Services, Business Affairs (formerly Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, College of Engineering)*
Katie Van Renterghem, Institutional Analyst, Academic Affairs (formerly RCM support staff)*
Justin Walker, Associate Dean for Business Development & Administration, College of Optical Sciences
Kathy Whisman, Associate Vice President & Chief Budget Officer, Budget Office, Business Affairs*

Support Staff

Megan Arriaga, Institutional Analyst, Academic Affairs/Budget Office
Garth Perry, Assistant Director, Budget Office, Business Affairs
Josh Ziegler, Developer, Applications & Databases, Academic Affairs

* = Served on the RCM Steering Committee


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