Requiem for the Reply-All

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Requiem for the Reply-All

Campus Poetry Collective
April 22, 2020

A reordered, mostly accurate recounting of the Reply-All Debacle of April 21, 2020, as told in five structurally challenged stanzas. (Note: Messages have been lightly edited to remove the name of the initial sender/offender and to randomly correct punctuation and grammar.)

The Beginning

I am in need of Acrobat Pro DC and
was told by our systems admin
to email
requesting the software to use on my computers.
From what I understand,
I need a "named license."
Thank you.


I think you can download directly from here:
(Or at least, it worked for me …)

You can download it from Adobe cloud if you are UA associated.

I believe the request should go to
your IT person
in your department.
Be safe.

Go to and sign in with your address,
then select Company/School account.
Then click on the squares icon on top right,
then click Document Cloud.
Providing you are eligible for the software, click on Get Acrobat DC desktop.
Other than that you may need to talk to your I.T. department.

I am sorry, but I only have access to our employees.


Sent to wrong person

Not sure why I received this.

I have nothing to do with licensing.

I also have nothing to do with licensing.

Not sure why I am part of this email chain?

I don't know why I am getting this email.
It has nothing to do with my program area.
Please remove me from this chain.

I’m not sure how I ended up
with this message,
but this has actually been helpful as I’m in the same boat.


Can someone share how
I can be removed from this email chain?
About 10 emails have come through in one minute!

Yes, me too please.

Please stop including me
in this stream.
Thank you.
I hope you are all well.

I would like
to be removed
as well. 
Thank you!

can I please
be removed
from this mailing list?

Please take me
and all others
off this message

Please take me off of this.



This seems to have gone out
to multiple unrelated areas.
You guys know this is going to other people?

Can folks stop emailing
on this return?
It's going to the whole listserv

Consider not replying to a listserv,
as you reply to every other single person
on that listserv.

It's simple.
Just stop
replying all.

Don’t reply.
Please stop emailing on this
and it will stop automatically.

Please stop
responding to
the entire listserv. 
Best wishes.

Can you please stop
responding to all.
Thank you

Please stop
replying to the listserv,
thank you.

Please don’t reply to the list.

Please stop responding all.

This is going to all faculty and staff.




I’m deleting all these messages.
This is clearly some scam.


This rules.
Maybe we should have a zoom meeting
to discuss how not to reply all
on one of our furlough days.

This is like a video game for me.
I delete every message
as soon as they come in.

I think (sender's name) and the rest of us
have officially got enough emails.
Let’s all agree to stop the madness.

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