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Building Community and Keeping Students' Attention: Teaching and Learning Scholar Offers Advice to UA Faculty

A nationally recognized scholar on teaching and learning offered faculty advice on stoking students' curiosity, fostering community in the classroom, building patterns and structure in teaching routines and more during presentations on campus last week. "Because of the fact that we are at least partially built to have dispersed awareness, you might actually say that dispersion and distraction are the normal state of the human mind, and attention rises out of that like an island or like the tip of the iceberg," James Lang said during one talk. "Attention is an achievement."

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The University's Purpose and Values: Who We Are, What We Do, Why We're Here

Through an inclusive process that involved faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members and others, the University of Arizona has identified a core purpose and values, which articulate why the University exists and what it stands for. "Together, they serve as a compass to guide our decision-making and our resolve to create meaningful impact," President Robert C. Robbins wrote in a letter to members of the campus community. "I invite you to think about how your work contributes to the fulfillment of our purpose and how you personally live our values as well as cultivate them in the students you serve."

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New Engineering Dean Aims to Foster Diversity, Provide More Hands-On Learning

The College of Engineering's new leader says he is excited to be at a university where the mission matches up perfectly with his vision for engineering education. "The University of Arizona has so much positive change going on right now, with a new provost, new deans and a new, visionary president," David Hahn says. "My vision for the college is fully aligned with the strategic plan of the University."

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