Aerials UArizona Application Launch

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Aerials UArizona Application Launch

Business Affairs – Planning Design & Construction
May 10, 2022

Aerials UArizona has launched! From Planning, Design & Construction's (PDC) IT and Spatial Services group, the app brings together over 100 aerial panoramas into a seamless viewing experience of the amazing UArizona campus. Users virtually hop across campus using "hotspots" by selecting from a list, or clicking a point on the map. A new "time-machine" feature allows the user to flip between the years of 2019-2022 to see how the campus has changed over time. Users can also share a link to re-create the exact view they have focussed in on.

Planning, Design & Construction's drone pilots collect panoramas 400 feet above the ground at 40 locations throughout campus and other areas. For each panorama, 26 photos are taken in a spherical pattern and stitched together using software. Each 265-megapixel panorama is color and detail-enhanced, making Aerials UArizona the most detailed viewing experience of campus available. Panoramas are oriented to line up with previous years creating a consistent coordinate system that can be used for integrating other systems, sharing links for current view, and comparing year-to-year photography easily.

PDC's IT and Spatial Services group works with drones to support PDC projects and the GIS team along with providing a full suite of IT Shared Services and application development for the functional groups within PDC. Along with the Enterprise GIS and Space Management Teams, they host IT and GIS Services for Business Affairs and the UArizona community. 

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