CESL English Proficiency Test for Undergraduate Admissions

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CESL English Proficiency Test for Undergraduate Admissions

To: UA Faculty, Academic Advisors and Student Support Personnel


Neel Ghosh, Chair, Undergraduate Council
Abbie Sorg, Senior Program Manager, Curricular Affairs

Subject: CESL English Proficiency Test for Undergraduate Admissions

Date: December 10, 2019

In August, the Undergraduate Council (UGC) received a proposal from UA Global to accept the CESL English Proficiency Test (CEPT) for the admission of international undergraduate students. The exam was approved for this use by the UGC on September 10, and by the Faculty Senate on December 2. The CEPT exam will be accepted for admission effective immediately, for a two-year pilot ending in January 2022. Faculty governance will evaluate the exam to determine whether to continue its use at the end of the two-year pilot.


  1. The CEPT is more accessible to test takers than other commercial tests: It is available on any computer with a stable internet connection, the waiting period between registration and the test slot is shorter, and the cost is significantly less than other commercial tests. Test takers also receive their results more quickly through the CEPT than through other tests.
  2. Test security and the identity of the test taker is verified through the online interview and the use of UA Examity.
  3. The CEPT score report is aligned with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Global Scale, the industry standard and most widely used proficiency scale.

Management of Policy

  1. Prospective students can find more information and register for the CEPT at https://cesl.arizona.edu/testing/cept-full. The test is administered online.
  2. UA Admissions will accept CEPT scores of 100+ (for most majors) or 110+ (for Engineering, Business, Nursing, and SBS Law majors) as sufficient for admission, along with the other existing proficiency options listed at https://admissions.arizona.edu/how-to-apply/international/english-proficiency.

Questions about the CEPT should be addressed to Dr. Eddy White, CESL Assessment Coordinator and CEPT Developer, at ewhite3@email.arizona.edu.

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