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Course Syllabus Policies

To: All University of Arizona Faculty


Dennis Ray, Chair, Undergraduate Council

Koen Visscher, Chair, Graduate Council

Janet Sturman, Associate Dean, Graduate College 

Celeste Pardee, Assistant Director for Academic Policies/Organizations

Subject: Course Syllabus Policies

Date: February 1, 2016

Effective in summer/fall 2016, all new and continuing courses must meet the appropriate Course Syllabus Policy: (1) an updated one for undergraduate courses or (2) the new one for graduate courses (see attachments).   

The Undergraduate Course Syllabus Policy was initially approved by the Faculty Senate in 2005. In spring 2015 the Undergraduate Council initiated the process of updating the policy to address new course delivery modes (i.e., hybrid/fully online), current pedagogy and student expectations. Members recognized that some information is essential on a syllabus, while other items are recommended—depending on the course content and delivery. A table of required items (policy) provides the basics, while the recommended (optional) items are included in templates: one for in-person courses (separate attachment) and one for hybrid and fully-online courses (TBA). Instructors may customize the template as appropriate for their courses.

Revisions to the policy were made in response to input from the College Academic Administrators Council and Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The final version was approved by the Undergraduate Council on Nov. 10, 2015 and by the Faculty Senate on Jan. 25, 2016. 

The Graduate Course Syllabus Policy was developed by the Graduate Council in Fall 2015 with input from all colleges. Due to the different nature of graduate courses, members felt it unnecessary to provide all the details for graduate students that are required for undergraduate courses. Therefore, the Graduate Course Syllabus Policy has fewer required topics, but additional topics may be added at the faculty member’s discretion. 

Both syllabi policies may be accessed through the General Catalog Academic Policies Index,, or through the UA Policies Index,, under "Course Syllabus Policy."

Implementation of the 2016 Course Syllabus Policies: Beginning with courses offered in summer 2016, all class syllabi are expected to comply with the syllabus policy that applies to the course level. 

Undergraduate Course Syllabus Policy questions may be addressed to the Undergraduate Council via Celeste Pardee in Curricular Affairs at 621-5375, or

Graduate Course Syllabus Policy questions may be addressed to the Graduate Council via Graduate College associate dean Janet Sturman at 621-0420, or

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