Course Withdrawal Policy Update

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Course Withdrawal Policy Update

To: UA Academic Advisors, Student Support Personnel, and Students


Neel Ghosh, Chair, Undergraduate Council

Abbie Sorg, Senior Program Manager, Curricular Affairs

Subject: Course Withdrawal Policy Update

Date: June 1, 2020

In March 2020 the Undergraduate Council (UGC) received a proposal from the University Academic Advising Council to update the policy on course withdrawals (W grades). The updated policy resets the 18-unit W grade maximum for students completing a second bachelor's degree. This policy update was reviewed and approved by the Undergraduate Council, College Academic Administrators Council, and Faculty Senate during the Spring 2020 semester. The full policy can be found online.

The new policy is effective beginning with the Summer 2020 semester.

Items Affected by the Course Withdrawal Policy Update

W Grade Unit Maximum: The number of undergraduate course withdrawals (drops) cannot exceed 18 units during the student's undergraduate career; the 18-unit limit will be reset once a student completes a bachelor's degree at the University and begins a Second Bachelor's Degree (does not apply to concurrent degrees). The 18-unit maximum applies to all courses dropped with a W grade. The W grade is awarded for all withdrawals between the first and final withdrawal deadlines – from the third week through the thirteenth week of a regular semester (including those awarded for administrative drops or for approved Late Change Petitions).


University of Arizona alumni should be allowed and encouraged to return for a second bachelor's degree, and experience the same privileges as a new transfer student, including the benefit of 18 units of W, should they need it. Resetting the 18 unit W grade maximum ensures students earning a second bachelor's degree are not penalized for having withdrawn from courses while completing a previous degree at the University of Arizona.

Questions about the course withdrawal process should be addressed to Irene Delgado, Associate Registrar, at

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