Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) Policy Revisions

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Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) Policy Revisions

To: Faculty and Instructors


Undergraduate Council, Faculty Senate

Subject: Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) Policy Revisions

Date: May 12, 2016

Revisions will be implemented to the Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) Policy for all undergraduates, effective with the Spring 2017 GRO filing dates. The changes were requested by the University Academic Advising Council and approved by the Undergraduate Council in April 2016. The revisions were passed by the Faculty Senate on May 2. 

Revisions to the GRO Policy will be made to the 2016-17 General Catalog, items two, five, and eight,

  • Two: All undergraduates who have attempted earned fewer than 60 University Credits (i.e., units in residence at the UA) at the time of application for GRO are eligible. Students with 60 or more attempted earned University Credits may retake courses in accordance with the Course Repeat Policy but without use of the GRO.
  • Five: "Credit by Exam," "Grade by Exam," "Individual Studies" courses, "Correspondence" courses, "Success Courses," "Developmental Courses" (i.e., those with AX/BX after the course number), and "Pass/Fail" courses cannot be taken under GRO. Individual Studies is defined as courses with numbers ending in 91 (Preceptorship), 92 (directed research), 93 (internship), 94 (practicum), and 99 (independent study).
  • Eight, change to three. GRO requests for regular-dated classes in any session may be submitted online during GRO filing periods. See the exact GRO Filing Deadlines and the GRO Information page.


Regarding number two, "attempted units" is confusing to students and has required explanation from advisors.The attempted unit total isn't available on the advisement report or in Student Center, while earned units is available in Student Center and on a student's unofficial transcript. Additionally, class standing is defined by earned units, not attempted units. For continuing students, earning 60 units aligns with junior standing (a milestone), while transfer students will also have a two-year window to use GRO, regardless of their class standing.

The addition to number five, "developmental courses," is justified because those pre-college courses do not count toward total degree units and do not factor into the GPA (e.g., Math 100AX, SAS 100AX/BX). Some students have lost a GRO attempt by repeating a course that doesn't count toward the degree.

Finally, by moving item number eight closer to the top of the list, students should pay attention to it! Many students have missed the GRO filing period because the deadline is early in the term.

Implementation and Management of the Policy:

The UAccess Student system will be configured in accordance with the revised policy, including the online GRO request.

Since the effective term is Spring 2017, the 2016-17 Catalog will not show the revisions until midway through Fall 2016.

Freshmen and sophomores will be notified about their eligibility to use the GRO based on earned units in an e-mail from the Registrar's Office during Fall 2016.

When the revisions go into effect in Spring 2017, exceptions (if any) for undergraduates will be considered through the General Petition process.

Questions about the GRO policy revisions may be addressed to Celeste Pardee, Curricular Affairs, at 621-5375, or

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