Late Registration Appeal Process – Eliminated

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Late Registration Appeal Process – Eliminated

To: UA Faculty, Academic Advisors, and Registrar's Staff


Neel Ghosh, Chair, Undergraduate Council
Celeste Pardee, Assistant Director for Academic Policies/Organizations

Subject: Late Registration Appeal Process – Eliminated

Date: May 20, 2019

Effective in Fall 2019, the Registration Deadline Policy will be eliminated. The request to discontinue the registration deadline and appeal process was submitted by the Registrar's Office because the deadline was outdated and the appeal process no longer useful. The request was approved by the Undergraduate Council on 3/12/19, and by the Faculty Senate on 5/6/19, to be effective as of the 2019-2020 Catalog for all undergraduates.

The Registration Deadline Policy, as stated in the 2018-19 Catalog, has been removed from the 2019-20 Catalog:

Students must be registered by the end of the first week after the start of classes. No late registrations will be accepted after the 21st calendar day following the first day of class. Registration is not complete until registration fees, and tuition if appropriate, are paid. Failure to pay by the 21st day will result in the student's not being allowed to enroll, even if the student has been attending classes. Late registration after this date will not be accepted unless the student submits a written appeal to the Office of the Registrar and can document extenuating circumstances such as medical problems (physically incapacitated and not able to be present), legal problems, or some other academic commitment which precluded enrolling prior to the 21st day (study abroad, co-op in absentia registration). See the Academic Calendar for relevant dates.

Rationale for eliminating this policy:

The deadline was designed for students attending traditional semesters, when enrollment by the census date was used for state funding. The semester census date no longer serves that purpose, since many students enroll in shorter terms throughout the year.

The Registrar’s Office no longer assesses the $250 Census Date Late Fee.

The Bursar’s Office has changed the billing/payment structure to monthly billing periods. Students are no longer required to prepay for classes.

The Late Registration Policy did not prevent students from registering after the census date; it simply created some hoops for students to jump through. There is no indication that UA enrollment levels will decrease as a result of eliminating the deadline.

After the first week of classes, students registering for the first time in that term are required to obtain the instructor’s and college dean’s permission. The instructor and college are best able to determine whether a student can successfully start a course after missing a week.

Late Registration Procedure:

Since the appeal process has been eliminated, the necessity for the instructor and dean’s approval has been emphasized in the second paragraph in the Undergraduate Change of Schedule Policy:

During the first week of classes in a semester (or proportional period in a shorter term), UAccess is available for registration or adding/changing classes. After the first week of a semester (or proportional period in a shorter term), a Change of Schedule (drop/add) form with the instructor's signature is required to add or change classes. Registration from zero units after the first week of a semester (or proportional period in a shorter term) requires the instructor's and college dean's permission on a Change of Schedule form.

Questions on the late registration procedure may be addressed to Irene Delgado, Associate Registrar, at 621-4755, or

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