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New Public Course Catalog View

To: UA Campus Comunity


Fernando Chavez, Assistant Registrar, Courses & Scheduling
Abbie Sorg, Program Coordinator, Sr., Course Approval Services

Subject: New Public Course Catalog View

Date: October 3, 2013

A new feature has been added to make it easier for students, faculty and staff to browse course descriptions in the public Course Catalog pages: in addition to browsing the Course Details for individual courses, users can now view a PDF file that shows the Course Details for all courses within a department in one comprehensive document. To access the PDF file, simply select a department using the Browse Course Catalog page (found at, and click the “View Course Descriptions” button that appears just below the department name.

When selected, the View Course Descriptions file will display the Course Detail information for all courses offered by the department. This file is helpful for students and faculty who want to get an overall picture of the courses taught by a department, rather than having to search out the course descriptions one by one in the Browse Catalog area. As always, the Catalog shows all courses offered by the department, but for scheduling information on courses being offered during a particular semester, please consult the Schedule of Classes (found at

Attached is an example of the View Course Descriptions button in the Course Catalog, and the file generated by that button.

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