Parking Alert for Sept. 3 Football Game

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Parking Alert for Sept. 3 Football Game

To: Campus Community


Parking and Transportation Services

Subject: Parking Alert for Sept. 3 Football Game

Date: August 13, 2015

On Thursday, September 3, the Arizona Wildcat Football Team will face off against UTSA at 7 p.m. This event brings a great deal of excitement to our campus and positive exposure to the University and the Tucson community. Attending athletic events and pre-game festivities allows the entire community to join in the spirit of the University. These athletic events also bring many dollars in scholarships, funds for housing support, general revenue and paid wages. Revenue from athletic events offsets state tax dollars that would otherwise be used to pay student and department costs. This provides a national audience and a chance to showcase our beautiful campus. While this event is a benefit to the UA, it will also have some impact on our normal business activities.

To accommodate this event, UA Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) must ensure there is sufficient parking for more than 60,000 football fans as they arrive on campus for the Thursday kick off. We know this will disrupt some of our normal University activities. We are putting plans in place to minimize the impact.

Tailgating will begin at 1 p.m. on the Mall and we anticipate increased activity and traffic in the area beginning by noon. Delays and detours should be expected when driving near the stadium or center of campus during this time.

To improve traffic and parking conditions on this day, PTS is assigning an alternate parking location to each parking permit holder in the immediately affected areas. These alternate parking provisions will inform the permit holder where to park on game day and how to plan their best route to get there. PTS will send an email to permit holders who are assigned an alternate parking location approximately one week in advance, indicating their temporary parking assignment location for game day. Please remind your employees and students to watch for this upcoming email.

Permit holders who will have to park in a different location on the September 3, game day are those who currently park in the Cherry Garage, in Lots 6090, 6092, 6093, 6097, 6098, 4052 and on National Championship Drive. These parking requirements will also apply to service spaces within these lots.

Although our campus community is likely to experience some inconvenience and disruption associated with this Thursday game, we hope you will join us in working to make this event as successful as possible.  We welcome any ideas or comments.

Please contact UA Parking & Transportation Services at 626-PARK (7275) or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support of UA Athletics. Go Cats!

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