Printing Services announces a new contract for printing and bulk mailing services

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Printing Services announces a new contract for printing and bulk mailing services

To: University Community


Karen Campasano, Printing Services

Subject: Printing Services announces a new contract for printing and bulk mailing services

Date: May 8, 2013

The University of Arizona Print Supplier Program - New vendors and it includes bulk mailing services

The University of Arizona Procurement and Contracting Services department created the Print Supplier Program to help all units on campus save time and money on printing services. Sixteen printing companies are part of this program and each has been evaluated by Printing Services and judged to be superior for printing quality, customer service, pre-press expertise, and ability to meet deadlines and price. Volume discounts are built into our contracts with these vendors. The more University departments use these selected vendors, the greater the discount the University departments will receive.

How the Program Works

When a department needs a printer, that department can contact one or more of the contracted print vendors directly for a quote.  If a department would like assistance from the Printing Services staff, we can help obtain quotes and place the order. Some departments like to manage this process themselves: others prefer to rely on the expertise from the Printing Services staff. One real benefit to using a printer through this program is that no matter how much you are spending on printing, there is no need for an RFP, plus the department paying for the printing has the authority to choose the vendor.

Once the print vendor has been selected, a copy of the awarded estimate along with a Printing Services Billing Form should be faxed to Printing Services at 621-6478. The department then works directly with the print vendor to process the printing job.  Printing Services will issue a purchase order to the printer for billing. The printing vendor will invoice Printing Services. Printing Services bills the department and pays the vendor.

The price that's quoted by the printer (plus tax) is the price that's charged to your account. The vendors pay a 2% administrative fee to the University for streamlining this process for them. It's that simple.

The current Printing Contract is effective March 1, 2013, through February 28, 2018.

This program is administrated through Printing Services located at the 22nd Street Warehouse, 1145 S Warren Ave., Building 458. If you have any questions, please call or email Karen Campasano - - 621.9514 or Mauretta Allan - - 621.7306 with any questions.

You can view the list of vendors here:

Printing Services is assuming responsibility for the 190 mailing permit (bulk mail permit) and it will be mandatory to use a vendor in the Print Supplier Program if you are using this permit either the Non-Profit, Presort Standard or First Class form.

Please notify Printing Services when you are planning a printing project that includes the use of the bulk mailing permit. It is because everyone abides by the mailing requirements for permit usage that the University community saves over $300,000.00 a year on postage. Incorrect usage could result in the revocation of the permit.

Please email us a PDF of the proposed art, so it can be checked for the correct permit usage, or have your art checked by the Mail Piece Design Analyst at one of our Print Vendors or by USPS Mailing Requirement Technician - Rosie Paradowski - 388-5197.

The Bulk mail portion of UA Postal Services will close at the end of May. You can use either a print vendor or Bulk mail until that time.

Starting in June you will use a vendor in the Print Supplier Program.

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