Purchasing from Costco

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Purchasing from Costco

To: Campus Community


Procurement & Contracting Services

Subject: Purchasing from Costco

Date: June 28, 2018

Recent Changes to purchases made at Costco:

Costco no longer allows University employees to shop in-store without having a Costco Membership Account. In Conjunction with Costco, the Financial Services Office (FSO) has developed a new process for online and in-store shopping.

Procurement & Contracting Services (PACS) has established three University business accounts, and business units wishing to shop in-store may physically check-out a membership card. These cards will be available to be checked out at the Financial Services Office (FSO) front desk on the 4th floor of the University Services Building and may be used at any Costco location. In order to check out a card, employees will need to present their University CatCard, provide their department name and contact phone number and will need to sign for the card. Cards must be returned to the FSO customer service desk within 48 hours to allow other departments access to Costco. Please contact FSO Customer Service 520-621-9097 to ensure a card is available or email accts_pay@fso.arizona.edu to reserve a card.

Costco on-line purchases can be made through Costco.com by utilizing the following membership numbers assigned by College via http://www.arizona.edu/colleges-schools. Locate your college via the website and utilize the corresponding membership number by letter assigned on the website:

Membership #                 Membership Card #             College

1                                        111880146112                         A - D
2                                        111880146111                         E - H
3                                        111880145457                         I - M
4                                        111880145456                         N - P
5                                        111880144571                         Q - V
6                                        111880144570                         W – Z , Other

Example:  College of Pharmacy would utilize Membership #4, College of Optical Sciences would utilize membership #5. Business Affairs units would utilize Membership #6. Note the letter assigned may differ from the first letter of the name of the College.

Individual departments with an annual spend of $5,000 dollars or more would benefit from having their own account, and are welcome to sign up directly with Costco. In order for these accounts to be established properly, PACS will need you to follow some simple requirements.

Please contact Kristie Haro-Senne or Monica Adams of Costco at (520) 886-9563 to schedule an appointment for them to visit your department and establish an account. This will be a University business account, although it will indicate the specific College or Department.

By establishing an account for the department, understand that you will be accepting responsibility to pay for the membership, although, in turn the department will now be receiving the Executive 2% reward issued by Costco every year, and this reward will be credited against the next year's membership fee. Once the reward has exceed the membership fee, it can be used as a credit against future purchases. 

The following information is necessary to obtain a Costco account:

  • UA Business name for the account
  • Department business address
  • Primary contact phone
  • Primary person(s) responsible for the account
  • Primary email

Please have this available for the appointment and pay for the membership on a Department P-Card. 

The Office of Procurement & Contracting will remain as an administrator to all accounts that are established for the University and will assist Costco in maintaining current information to assure transparency and integrity for the accounts.

Questions regarding this new process can be directed to Ted Nasser at 520-621-5449 or enasser@email.arizona.edu.


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