Requirements for Federal Lobbying Reporting Deadline January 15

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Requirements for Federal Lobbying Reporting Deadline January 15

Subject: Requirements for Federal Lobbying Reporting Deadline January 15

Date: January 8, 2013

To: Senior University Officers, College Deans, Center Directors, UA Campus Community
From: Shay Stautz, Associate Vice President, Federal Relations
Subject: Requirements for Federal Lobbying Reporting Deadline January 15
Date: January 8, 2013


Honest Leadership and Open Government Act

The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA) requires the University of Arizona Office of Federal Relations to report the lobbying activities of the UA and University employees on a quarterly basis. The University must report the activities of both the University’s registered federal lobbyists and also any UA officials, faculty or staff who have engaged in federal advocacy that seeks to influence federal legislation or policy (lobby) and represented UA views in that process.

As you know, only individuals approved by the UA President or cleared with the Associate Vice President for Federal Relations are authorized to lobby the federal government and represent the views of the UA.  Those authorized must accurately track their lobbying activities and file quarterly reports with the Office of Federal Relations, who compiles and files the university’s aggregate disclosure to Congress.  In addition to the senior officers of the University and our registered federal lobbyists in the UA Office of Federal Relations, this can often include faculty members traveling to Washington DC for conferences who also visit Arizona’s congressional offices, or key committees, and this activity must be reported.

Note that "lobbying contacts" for the purposes of this reporting includes only those contacts that are made in association with the UA (where you identify yourself as being part of the UA) and advocate on policy, legislation or regulation matters.  It does not include lobbying that you may perform on behalf of your personal or scholarly interests where your UA affiliation is not noted, or advocacy on behalf of any professional organization (which may have to report your activity on their behalf also).

HLOGA Lobbying Disclosure Act Reporting Form

The Office of Federal Relations has created a form for your use to assist with the reporting process. This and more detailed information about lobbying are available at  The Office of Federal Relations encourages you to contact us if you have questions about whether your past, current, or future activities constitute lobbying, and whether you need to complete this form.

Reporting Deadlines

Please file your report with our office by close of business by the following quarterly deadlines:

January 15 (for Oct. 1- Dec. 31 of previous year)
April 15 (for January 1-March 31)
July 19 (for April 1-June 30)
October 15 (for July 1-September 30)

HLOGA Information to be Reported

  • Names of the lobbying individuals
  • Parts of the government lobbied, i.e. US House of Representatives, US Senate, Executive Branch Agencies, etc. and specific offices
  • Issues/legislation/policy/regulation, etc.
  • Amount spent during lobbying activities (i.e. salary, travel expenses, etc., prorated to the amount of time spent lobbying). 

Note: Specific names and other information do not appear anywhere on the form that is submitted to the Congress —all that appears is a dollar aggregate figure for the institution. The information you provide is required to be kept on file by UA Federal Relations to provide supporting documentation for periodic General Accounting Office review.

As always, the Office of Federal Relations is happy to answer questions about the need to complete the HLOGA Lobbying Disclosure Act reporting form. Contact UA Federal Relations at 520-621-3108.

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