Seat Belt Use by All Drivers

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Seat Belt Use by All Drivers

To: All University Drivers


Steve Holland, Chief Risk Officer
Herb Wagner, Director of Occupational, Environmental Health & Safety

Subject: Seat Belt Use by All Drivers

Date: August 15, 2018

We need your help getting this message to all staff, including student workers, and enforcing the requirement that seat belts always be used in all university vehicles, including golf/utility carts. Please distribute!

In recent weeks, there have been several accidents involving golf cart vehicles. In each accident, an occupant fell out of the vehicle and suffered injuries because seat belts were not being worn. Clearly, if these individuals had been wearing seat belts, their injuries would have been prevented.

The University's Fleet Safety Policy requires that all drivers and passengers of all vehicles wear seat belts. State law also requires seat belt use. 

Please remind all drivers in your department of these safety requirements:

  • Drivers must be registered with RMS and take online Defensive Driver training.
  • Golf/Utility cart drivers must take special online training for these vehicles.
  • Seat belts are to be worn by driver and all passengers. The driver is responsible for enforcing this requirement, and must refuse to transport any person who doesn't comply.
  • Number of passengers may not exceed the number of available seat belts.
  • Use of mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, 2-way radios, etc. is prohibited unless a hands-free device is used and allowed for the jurisdiction in which the vehicle is being operated.

Please have all drivers review the University Fleet Safety Policy found at


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