“Send As” @arizona.edu Email Effective March 10

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“Send As” @arizona.edu Email Effective March 10

To: Faculty, Staff, and Students


University Information Technology Services

Subject: “Send As” @arizona.edu Email Effective March 10

Date: January 22, 2020

The University will be implementing the next step in using @arizona.edu for UAConnect365 email addresses. With this step, no action is required.

Beginning Tuesday, March 10, 2020, all faculty, staff, emeritus, DCC, and student worker (Catworks) accounts will SEND AS <NetID>@arizona.edu. This change does not affect student email (CatMail), or retirees in UAConnect365.

Email will continue to be RECEIVED at both @email.arizona.edu and @arizona.edu addresses. New hires will get the arizona.edu address, but will also be able to receive email sent to email.arizona.edu.


When Wilbur Wildcat, with NetID wilbur, sends email, the "From" address will show wilbur@arizona.edu. Others may have had his "old" email address, wilbur@email.arizona.edu. Wilbur's inbox will receive email sent to either wilbur@arizona.edu or wilbur@email.arizona.edu.

This change should not affect anyone with customizations applied (e.g., @tla.arizona.edu).


UA services (e.g., Office 365, Adobe, Box, etc.) that use your @email.arizona.edu address to log in will continue to use your @email.arizona.edu address.


Adopting @arizona.edu as the primary email address for doing business at the University has been made in response to the UAVoice request and many others who have supported this option for a simplified branding and email experience.


The following changes will apply to all centrally managed University email accounts (UAConnect365 and CatMail).

External Sender Notification: The University is planning to add a banner to messages that come from outside Arizona email systems. This will help flag scam emails that purport to be from campus leaders or other members of the University.

DMARC: The University will implement a monitoring phase of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance), an email authentication security measure, on outgoing email. In the monitoring phase, there will be no impact on emails you send.


More information is available on the University of Arizona Information Technology website.

Contact with questions: email-sec-support@list.arizona.edu


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