Spring 2018 Open Enrollment – UA Student Health Care Options

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Spring 2018 Open Enrollment – UA Student Health Care Options

UA Campus Health Service
January 3, 2018

Open enrollment is underway for both the Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Plan and CampusCare. Please be advised that all students who were enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan or CampusCare for fall 2017 coverage will be automatically re-enrolled within 3 business days of showing a spring registration unit. Students will be billed the appropriate premium for the spring coverage period to their Bursar’s account.

All registered UA students have been and will be receiving email notifications from our office similar to this announcement. All email notifications go directly to the student’s official University of Arizona (@email.arizona.edu) email address in compliance with the University of Arizona email policy.

The University of Arizona mandates that all international students on non-immigrant visas (degree and non-degree seeking, resident or non-resident tuition) be enrolled in the UA Student Health Insurance Plan, unless one qualifies for an exemption (this includes international UA Online Students).

If a graduate student will be receiving a Graduate Assistantship they must enroll for coverage in order to receive the UA Student Health Insurance Plan benefit.

JAN. 24 is the last day of the UA HealthCare Options Open Enrollment. This is the last day to add, cancel or make changes. Once the open enrollment closes, no exceptions can be made for any changes.


INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Should not cancel coverage through their UAccess Student Center account; they must submit an exemption request.


STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN: Coverage period is Jan. 4 through Aug. 15.

The Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Plan underwritten by Aetna is a major medical insurance policy. This policy meets health care reform requirements, provides nationwide coverage and is rated as a top-tiered health plan.



AETNA DENTAL INSURANCE POLICY – voluntary enrollment: Last day to enroll is Jan. 24.


CAMPUSCARE: Coverage period is Jan. 4 through May 31.

This is a health care option limited to services provided within the UA Campus Health Service. This product is not health insurance and does not cover any services received out in the community including the Banner University Medical Center.



COMMERCIAL INSURANCE: The UA Campus Health Service is a participating provider to most United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Health Net plans for Primary Care Services.

Please address any questions you may have to our office, by email chs-insurance@distribution.arizona.edu or call 520-621-5002.

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