University Research Study on Marital Separation and Divorce

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University Research Study on Marital Separation and Divorce

University of Arizona Sleep Research Laboratory
April 12, 2013


Description:  How do sleep, daily social life, and psychological well-being impact each other following divorce? This project, directed by Richard Bootzin, Ph.D. in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona, examines how these factors influence coping with the end of marriage. We are currently recruiting adult community members who have experienced a marital separation within the past 5 months.

Am I eligible? If you’ve experienced a marital separation in the past 5 months and are in generally good health, you’re likely eligible for this study.  Call or email us to find out more (see below) and to set up an appointment.

What does my participation involve? We will conduct 5 sessions at your home over the span of 5 months.  During the first session, we’ll ask you to fill out some questionnaires about your separation, ask you to complete a stream-of-consciousness recording about your separation, and then explain how to keep a diary about your sleep for the next week.  We’ll then come to your home once a month for the next four months for brief follow-up sessions; on specific months, we’ll ask you to wear a digital recorder and a special watch that tracks your sleep patterns.  If you are interested, you may also supply us with a cheek swab for future analyses of how people’s genetic make-up is associated with their responses to a marital separation.

Why would I participate? We pay you for your time and participation. Your involvement will contribute to research aimed at helping others better cope with this stressful experience.  We have flexible scheduling hours.

I might be interested, but want to find out more. What should I do? Call or email us any time.  We’re happy to tell you more about our study and schedule an appointment at your convenience. For information call (520) 792-6420, or email

To Participate

CALL: (520) 792 - 6420


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