Update on NIH Plans to Stabilize the Biomedical Research Enterprise

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Update on NIH Plans to Stabilize the Biomedical Research Enterprise

To: Campus Community


Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy, Senior Vice President for Research

Subject: Update on NIH Plans to Stabilize the Biomedical Research Enterprise

Date: June 9, 2017

In response to feedback on their plan to cap funding to individual investigators, the NIH is launching the Next Generation Researchers Initiative. This initiative takes a different approach to support and enhance the potential of early- and mid-career investigators to stabilize the biomedical research enterprise. The Grant Support Index (GSI) will not be implemented.

In addition to placing greater emphasis on current NIH programs for these investigators, the NIH is proposing several steps to support their careers:

  • Free up funds from NIH's base budget, starting with $210 million this year, and ramping to approximately $1.1 billion per year after five years (pending availability of funds) to support these investigators, including:
    • Extending the payline for early state investigators, aiming to fund most application that score in the top 25 percent.
    • Providing additional support for mid-career investigators (≤ 10 years as a principal investigator)
    • Extending the payline for those about to lose all NIH funding
    • Identifying "rising stars" who seek support for their second RPG, but missed the payline

The NIH Next Generation Researchers Initiative page will be updated with information about the initiative: https://grants.nih.gov/ngri.htm.

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