Ernst and Beamer notch 1M reads on The Conversation

Ernst and Beamer notch 1M reads on The Conversation

By University Communications
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Kacey Ernst
Kacey Ernst
Paloma Beamer
Paloma Beamer

Each month, faculty members from across the University share their expertise on The Conversation, an independent, not-for-profit news source committed to communicating the work of scholars. The Conversation makes all of its articles available at no charge to any news organization that wants to republish them. In addition, The Associated Press distributes The Conversation articles to newsrooms across the United States.

Since the first article authored by a University of Arizona scholar was published on the website in 2013, a total of 63 faculty members, researchers and graduate students affiliated with the University have written articles.

Two of them have surpassed a total of 1 million reads: Kacey Ernst, professor of public health, and Paloma Beamer, associate professor of public health.

Most of those reads were garnered by an article the pair co-authored in May, "Should you fly yet? An epidemiologist and an exposure scientist walk you through the decision process." As of July 13, the article had:

  • 1,238,299 reads.
  • 51 publishers.
  • 922,434 reads on CNN.

It is now the University of Arizona's most-read story on The Conversation by more than double. Among all articles published on The Conversation since the website was launched in 2011, it ranks at No. 23.

To recognize University of Arizona scholars who are contributing to The Conversation's goal of informing public debate "with knowledge-based journalism that is responsible, ethical and supported by evidence," the Office of University Communications will post a story each month listing the articles that have been published on The Conversation.

Below please find the list for June.

Tyina Steptoe
Associate Professor of History

Kacey Ernst
Professor of Public Health

Paulina Columbo
Graduate student, Public Health

Jennifer Earl
Professor of Sociology

Jessica Maves Braithwaite
Associate Professor of Political Science

Kirssa Cline Ryckman
Associate Professor of International Security Studies

Chris Impey
University Distinguished Professor of Astronomy

Paloma Beamer
Associate Professor of Public Health
Member, BIO5 Institute

Tara Sklar
Professor of Health Law

Taylor Edwards
Associate Staff Scientist, Arizona Research Laboratories

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