See the articles published on The Conversation in November

See the articles published on The Conversation in November

By University Communications
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Each month, faculty members from across the University share their expertise on The Conversation, an independent, not-for-profit news source committed to communicating the work of scholars. The Conversation makes all of its articles available at no charge to any news organization that wants to republish them. In addition, The Associated Press distributes The Conversation articles to newsrooms across the United States.

To recognize University of Arizona scholars who are contributing to The Conversation's goal of informing public debate "with knowledge-based journalism that is responsible, ethical and supported by evidence," the Office of University Communications posts a story each month listing the articles that have been published on The Conversation.

Below, please find the list for November.

Nov. 5, 2020
Although now required by California law, ethnic studies courses likely to be met with resistance
Ethnic studies were born out of resistance. Now, the courses often face resistance themselves – from white students. Is making these classes mandatory the way to go? A scholar weighs in.

Nolan L. Cabrera
Associate Professor of Education

Nov. 9, 2020
Exoplanets are still out there – a new model tells astronomers where to look for more using 4 simple variables
New mathematical technique enables astronomers to predict the whereabouts of missing worlds around nearby stars.

Daniel Apai
Associate Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences
Jeremy Dietrich
Graduate Student in Astronomy

Nov. 23, 2020
Why nursing home aides exposed to COVID-19 aren't taking sick leave
Over one-third of America's COVID-19 deaths have been nursing home residents. Employee policies, particularly for low-paid aides, have sharply raised the risk.

Shefali Milczarek-Desai
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Immigrant Workers' Rights Clinic, James E. Rogers College of Law
Tara Sklar
Professor of Health Law and 
Director of the Health Law and Policy Program, James E. Rogers College of Law

Nov. 24, 2020
Testing sewage can give school districts, campuses and businesses a heads-up on the spread of COVID-19
As the world waits for vaccines against COVID-19, testing wastewater can give communities and smaller locales, such as school districts, valuable signals about infections trends.

Charles Gerba
Professor of Virology
Robert Glennon
Regents Professor and Morris K. Udall Professor of Law and Public Policy

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